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By Isaac Mozeson

Exposing Slovenly Etymologies With the Luck of the Irish


Exposing Slovenly Etymologies With the Luck of the Irish

I was confirming Steve Gillespie's link between lag ('weak' in Irish) and  רך  RahKH (Edenic 'weak' -- only a liquid and guttural shift away.)

My Google Translate was on Serbian because a Serbian professor had just appeared with many strong Serbian-Hebrew links.  So before I switched to Irish, I accidently got the Serbian weak: slab.

Slab isn't from Resh-Kahf, but  שפל SHaPHEL is a good 'weak' word.  Fricative-bilabial-liquid (whistling, lip and tooth letters) become fricative-liquid-bilabial.   SPL is behind the languidness of SLEEPINESS, the falling of SLIP, the degraded sense of the nasalized (extra M) SI(M)PLE. ...even the debility of SYPHILUS.   שפלת SHAPHeLe(S) is an unknown Bibliical disease, based on the  שפל SHaPHeL root meaning degraded and weak.

As long as I got the Serbian,  I  also cheched our longer Slavic lists.  Sure enough, there was Polish (slaby) and Russian (slavvy).

I thought about English SLOBBY, but the SLOB may be unkempt, yet have plenty of strength and energy.  The languidness of   שפל SHaPHEL  did fit SLOVENLY, and the AHD had a very weak etymology based on a Flemish word meaning 'gossip' (?!... Again it's sense be damned, as long as those SLOPPY, SLOVENLY  'scholars' of etymology find a word with similar sound.  

Looking at  SLOW, it became clear that this meant unfocused and without vitality (like 'weak' sloppiness  and slovenliness) before it came to be the opposite of speedy.

And so a lot happened by not treating happenstance as dumb luck.
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