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By Isaac Mozeson



SPEECH           SaPHaH          Sin-Phey-Hey
Sah-PHAH        שפה       [S-PH-H à SP-CH]
ROOTS:     The oldest, theoretical root for SPEECH and SPEAK is thought to be sprek  (speech.)  The hard  guttural ending is suspect, as in West Germanic and Old High German here is sprahha. The added R (liquidization) was likely not in the oldest form, and later versions tend to drop these unnecessary complications. Witness Old English spec, and our modern SPEAK and SPEECH.
Primarily,  שפה SaPHaH is a lip, see  “BUS” (kiss) and SIPHON.    But the primary document of a Proto-Earth language is “the whole Earth was of one speech /  שפה SaPHaH …  “ --  (Genesis 11:1). The R in Germanic, like German  Sprache, may have been added  (liquidization) for easier pronunciation after the ה Hey hardened to CH. 
If  the CH of SPEECH and Sprache are not part of the original root, and the R is, then the Edenic etymon is  ספר $aPeR  to recite (Genesis 40:9), and not  שפה $aPHaH, language (Genesis 10:5).  Other S-P “speech” words may then be better at the “SPELL” entry.
    נשף NaSHahPH is to breathe, blow, exhale; an important mechanical aspect of  שפה $aPHaH, language.  Related by reversal. “Lip” words from שפה $aPHaH at BUSS.


  Sin-Phey-Hey (fricative-bilabial-guttural)  שפה $aPHaH, language, speech, lip (see the BUSS entry… to buss is to kiss)                Bhāṣaṇa 

Bengali  ভাষা  Bhāṣā
reverse syllables: ṣā-bhā
language     S-B = bilabial shift  ( PH to B)
Cambodian pee-a-saa
reverse syllables:
                           saa-a- pee
Danish sp(r)og
liquid added, guttural hard
Dutch  SP(r)aaK
liquid added, guttural hard
language                    [RW]
English    SPeeCH
guttural hardens, but softer than the German
German   Sp(r)ache
liquid added, guttural hard
Gujarati ભાષા Bhāṣā
reverse syllables: ṣā-bhā
language        S-B
Hawaiian vosa
reverse syllables: sa-vo
speech, language
Hindi भाषा Bhāṣāna
reverse syllables: ṣā-bhā
language          S-B
Hungarian  beszel
First 2 root consonants reverse, but maybe from SaPeR, to relate
to speak  S-B
Kannada ಭಾಷೆ  Bhāea
reverse syllables: sea-bhā
language     S-B
Igbo (Nigeria)  sufu
(change in meaning, so see this S-P sub-root at “GOSPELL” and “SAY”
to speak                     [NE]
Indonesian/Malay  bahasa
reverse syllables: a-baha
language          S-B
Marathi भाषण   Bhāṣaṇa
Nasalized (N added) M213 guttural drop

Mayan (Uspantec) chabej
S-F S to CH in Church, guttural  hifts, H to J
to speak   S-B              [FA]
Mon-Khmer (Cambodia/Kui) phs  
M213 metathesis to s-a-ph
Norwegian and Swedish sp(r)ak
liquid added, guttural hard
Old High German sprahha
liquid added
Punjabi ਭਾਸ਼ਣ Bhāśaṇa;
Nasalized (N added) M213 guttural drop; S-F, Nasalized (N added)
zipaĝ – S-F  S-G
 reath and speech.     [SW]  
Sundanese Basa Sunda.
reverse syllables to  sa-ba
The language of Sunda
Tamil  பேச்சு  Pēccu
F-S. M213
Thai  P̣hās
 reverse syllables:  'ā-p̣hā
Telugu భాష  Bhāa 
reverse syllables: sa-bhā

Does one begin to suspect that an original  “ speech” word got turned around and diversified ?
More words for 'language' at LICK..   

Germanic versions with the extra R, and various guttural shifts include Danish sprog,   An Edenic word with SPR is  ספר $eePeR (to tell -- see GOSPEL).
Supu and sufu mean to 'speak out' in Igbo (Nigeria).  See “SAY.”
 Fernando Aedo adds:
sipriy, lip (Quechua)
sup, talk (Mayan/Chol)
sub, to speak, advise, give information (Mayan/Chol)
chabej, to speak (Mayan/Uspantec)
ch'abej, to speak to (Mayan/Quiche)
sub-en, tell, say (Mayan/Chol)
spt lip (of mouth, wound or jar)
dialects of Mon-Khmer (an Austro-Asiatic sub-family of SE Asia, incl. Cambodia):
ps   rim, edge, bank; lips (Tarieng)  ß
phs language (Kui)  ß
ps language (Surin Khmer)

For LanGuage words, like Samoan lāuga, see “LINGUAL.”

Yaffa   11/21/2016 8:06:00 AM
This sounds absurd, but I'm a new student of Hebrew (Ivrit), and have actually already had this thought about the languages occur to me. It just seemed reasonable, if you believe the Bible as truth (emet) then its simple to accept this conclusion. I think its amazing (nehedar) that your theory is confirming my very common sense thought. I'm doing as much self-absorption into the language as I possibly can on my own. The Lord is really the one who lead me into the language & has lead me here to your page.. very interesting. Blessings of Yeshua! BTW.. the video is not accessible

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