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By Isaac Mozeson





מאפיה  M'APHeeYaH means 'bakery,' so it's ok that nobody in Israel makes bread without their control.
מאפיה  M'APHeeYaH is everywhere.  It's easy to get fresh warm bread every morning.

The E-Word CD Dictionary entry:

OVE(N)         OhPHaH        Aleph-Phey-Hey
  Uh-PHUH_______אפה                        [O-PH à OV]
ROOTS: OVEN is from Anglo-Saxon ofen, same in German, allegedly from the cooked- up Indo-European
(IE) “root” augw (cooking pot).  Edenics should attempt both a link with the vowel-bilabial and the
guttural-bilabial in the given etymons. 

אפה  OPHaH means to bake; אפה OaPHeH is a baker (Genesis 40:5). The Germanic N-suffix simply
indicates the device where one bakes bread, etc.  Hebrew did not use the Aleph-Phey baking verb for a baking
device, say, an אפון AhPHOAN.

A verb like   בנהBoaNeH (to build – I Kings 16:24) has a noun form with a
נ Noon/N suffix:  בנין BiNYaN (a building – Ezekiel 41:13 ).  Later, a verb like סלח $oaLayaK[H] (forgive)
allowed for the Middle Hebrew noun  סלחן$aLK[H]aN, one who forgives or is forgiven.

The Edenic words closest to OVEN in meaning are תנור TaNOOR (see MINARET) and 
   כבשן  KHi(V)SHahN  (furnace— Genesis 19:28). See KV terms at CAVITY, with the relevance of
 hollowed rock explained below.  מאפה תנור M’APHayH TaNOOR means “baked in an oven” in
 Leviticus 2:4.

אפה  APHaH ,  to bake,  is spelled like  אף  AhPH, nose  + פה   PeH, mouth.       פ Pey plus  א Aleph, ה Hey or ח Het is about blowing, air.   See OPEN.  Baking heats air, while cooking, boiling or frying heats liquid . More vowel-Pey air at AVIATE.

BRANCHES:  PIE and BAKE  are cognates, but are credited to the cooked-up IE “root” bhe, to warm.
Both bilabial-guttural words) link up to the Edenic Phey-Hey baking word.  As expected, Semitic would
 have a 'bake' word close to אפה APHaH; Akkadian epü  is to bake.

In the Bantu language, Shimaore, of French Mayotte,  piha is to cook.  [RW and JM]  
Swahili pika  is to  bake or cook. 

It is as easy as PIE to simply reverse the (Aleph-)Phey-Hey to get PIE.  To bake in Polish is piec, so that
silent ה  Hey in PIE often shifts to a C in Slavic .  Serbian 'bake' is пећи peći; the Russian is ispech.
In Albanian 'bake' is pigem, the ה  Hey becoming yet another guttural.

Modern German ofen is an OVEN close to  the soft Aleph-Pey-Hey.   But in 'bake' words throughout the
Germanic languages, the   ה  Hey  crusts to a hard  guttural K , and the פ Phey/ PH shifts bilabials to B.

Chinese bei X27 is to bake.  Closer to Edenic is Chinese pao X495,  a BAKING, roasting and cooking term.
Ovens were hollowed rocks; אבן  O(V)eN or EBHeN means rock (Genesis 31:45).
Thai has two different words that can mean 'bake.'  One is ohp, a Pey-Hey reversal with no shifting.
A second Thai baking word looks like Ayin-Phey, อบ , but is pronounced Xb (almost a reversed BAKE).

Historical linguistics will remain half-baked as long as it stays 'historical,' i.e. limited to studying human factors
of language change like borrowings and corruption due to wars, migration,  etc.  When the evidence against
 their flatearthery reaches a point where they are laughed out of universities, and their dictionaries are
re-classified as Historical Fiction, they will follow Edenics, and consider the prehistoric and non-human factors
behind language diversity.

Bake a sweet HONEY cake for the NEW YEAR.
HONEY is immediately from Germanic hunig.  Hoenig is a surname. The ultimate source is Edenic   ענג  [O]aNeG
or GHoNeG (enjoyment).     ENJOY  A  SWEET  NEW   YEAR

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A happy and sweet new year to all!

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