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By Isaac Mozeson

Yom Kippur advice: COME CLEAN, LEAVE CLEAN


'Come clean' means to 'fess up' to confess, 
to say your mea culpas -- 'I am guilty'.)

To reinvent ourselves, we first have to admit that we need reinvention.

If we sincerely come clean, we are promised to leave clean.

Also minus a few pounds.

The entry in the Edenics digital dictionary
( E-Word, 1000-pages +,  emailed for $10):

CULPA(BLE)     K[H]eRPaH      Het-Resh-Pey-Hey
kher-PAH_______חרפה__  _ __[K[H]-R-P -->  KLP]
ROOTS: CULPABILITY is from Latin culpa (fault, blame).
חרפה  K[H]eRPaH is shame, outrage, abuse; חרף    K[H]aRaPH is to revile in Isaiah 37:23.
An M132 metathesis away, חפר K[H]aPHaiR is covered by shame (Psalms 71:24).
The connection to  CULPA is more   חריף   K[H]aReeYPH (sharp) if one keeps in mind that guilt evokes shame, see ”SHAME,”
 and that blaming meant cursing and reviling.  See the BLAME entry.
כפר KaPaiR, to cover by forgiveness or expiation of sin (Exodus 32:30), is only a metathesis away.

BRANCHES:  Follow the throaty  gutturals, lip-made  bilabials and tongue-made liquids:

Theguilty, MEA CULPAperson who realizes that he has erred, who’s innate godly conscience makes him  החפיר   HeK[H]PeeYR (ashamed), can  החפיר      HeK[H]LeeYPH (change, renew) himself and  earn  כפור KeePOOR,  atonement or expiation.  

 Yom Kippur or   יום כפורoffers forgiveness for the CULPABLE, it “covers” them – see COVER.

May you be BOOKED for a great 5772 !


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