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By Isaac Mozeson




It's Sukkot/ Tabernacles.  Bible re-enactors are 1) re-living in the temporary shelters during the Israelite trek to the Promised Land, and 2) living in modest huts or shacks like harvest field workers.

A   סוכה  $OOKaH has the same whistling fricative, then throaty guttural as the word SHACK.  Where is 'shack' from?

The E-Word entry:

SHACK    $OOKaH    Sin-Vav-Kahf-Hey
ROOTS: The dictionaries are not sure where SHACK (crude cabin, shanty) came from, but they offer 'said to be a contraction of Mexican jacal, from Aztec xacalli (wooden hut).'

  שך SoaKH (which may be read SHoaKH) is a booth, pavilion or 'tabernacle' in Lamentations 2:6. SoaKH is a booth (Psalms 27:5), and the more common סכה   SOOKaH is a booth or tabernacle. Leviticus 23:42 charges Israelites to 'live in booths' for seven days on the Festival of Booths or Tabernacles.  

 סך $oaKH is a hut or tent (Psalms 27:5).  Edenic has KS and SK CASINGS and SACKS – see “SACK” and ENCASE.  Reversing Samekh-Khaf/$-KH,  כסה KHa$aH means covering and concealing.

BRANCHES:     סך $oaKH can also mean a (concealing) thicket. סכך  $aKHAKH is to screen or cover.  It was spelled with a  ש Shin in Exodus 33.22.  
Theש-כ   Sin-Khaf  is a temporary shelter from the elements, likeסוכה   $OOKaH and SHACK.  See ENSCONCE and SCENE for extensions of these SK cover-shelter-housing terms; see HOUSE for KS reversals of same.
 At HOUSE those related words, like  ח-ס Het-Samekh words of protection and refuge, are also fricatives with (softer) gutturals.  Reversing the S-K of our Edenic etymons produces Spanish casa (house). Italian casa (house) gave English the CASINO.
It occurred to  Kenneth H. Ryesky that KIOSK  (a small commercial booth) may be from the same K-S, S-K construction as theסכה   SUKKAH (holiday tabernacle or booth).
Webster's has Turkish kösk coming from Persian kushk (portico) -- which is a protective porch.

One is enveloped by a  סוכה    $OOKaH, as in a ritual bath.  A kosher sukkah must be skimpy enough to collapse in a strong wind, and the roof must allow a view of heaven. The essence of this ritual is to feel the outdoor vulnerability beyond our edifices of security, and to, simultaneously, feeling  the protection of Heaven above.

Happy Sukkot from Jerusalem.

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