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By Isaac Mozeson




Only one ancient Semitic language from prehistory is not pieced together from few and difficult archeological artifacts, with scholars hotly arguing the possible sound and sense  of words.  In fact that language has a long and rich literature, studied for millennia.   And somehow it is not even extinct. But Edenic, Biblical Hebrew and the oldest Semitic roots,  are not on the radar screen of those who prefer tenure to truth. Soon, Edenic WILL BE THE RADAR SCREEN.

Historical linguists were unsure how to classify Ancient Egyptian.  The grammar was not Semitic, but they saw enough affinity with vocabulary to go with Semitic. 

Ancient Egyptian    with Al Ansley and Fernando Aedo

Aman and nun, water; N,  origin, water; mwt, mother <  עין  [A]YiN, water
      source, S-N      מיאMaYAh,  water in Aramaic (Edenic always uses
      plural  מים MaYiM, waters;    אםEM, mother  [MAMA, MIAMI]

Amen  (as Greek Ammon, older name for Zeus or Jupiter and the faith in
    powerful humanlike gods.   Not borrowed from Eygpt is Hindi mannais,
    to accept, agree, believe. All are from   אמן AhMaiN, AMEN, statement
    that one  believes,  agrees and accepts.  האמין H’EMeeYN is to believe.

Atum, the Creator < S-D   S-N  אדון   ADOAN (master)  [ADONIS]

Amer, to love (as Latin amare) < חם  [K]HaM, warmth (emotional too),           חמוד     [K]HaMOOD, dear [AMITY]

At, minute; hat, a second; unnut, an hour  <  עת[A]iT, a time [ETERNITY]

dbHw,  measure for offerings (as Quechua tupu, a  measure)
    < S-B  טפח   DTaPHa[K]H  (hand breath)  [PENTAGON]

Dm,  sharp and to pierce (as Comanche and Hopi tama is a tooth)
    <  S-D S-N   צן  TSaiN is a barb, thorn, briar [TINE]

Ewlad misri, children of Egypt  <   יליד מצריםYiLeeYD MiZRaYiM,
    (those born in  Egypt…children of Egypt  [LAD]

Et, ta, the land  <    ארץAReTS, land (R drop) [EARTH]

Hega-khase,  'rulers from foreign lands…'  said to be the origin of the name
     'Hyksos  < מנהיג MaNHeeYG, leader +  חוץ  K[H]OOTS, the outside

Horus, the Egyptian sun god, (Greek rendition of ancient Egyptian)
     <  חרס     [K]HeRe$, sun  (Job 9:6)   See hot, daytime word below

Hru, day   (as Japanese mid-day is hiru)  <  חרה [K]HaRaH, burning

Kem, black < חום   K[H]OOM, brown; the children of  חם K[H]aM (Ham)
      are  blacks,  or  brown-skinned Africans

kmj-t, GUM, a sticky resin first produced from lakeside plants
    <  אגם AGahM, lake  [OCEAN]

Nefer,beauty   (as in queen NEFRETITI)  < 1. the F-R <  פאר  P’ER,
     (beauty) at FAIR, 2. the N-F sexier  נואף NOAEF meaning at    

Nisut or nsw, ruler  <  נשיאNaSeeYE, prince, lit. the exalted one
     --Exodus 22:27

Nfy,  fan  <  נפה  NaFaH, fan (F-N reversed) [FAN]

Prt, fruit, seed < פרות  P(H)ayROAT, fruit, progeny  [FRUIT]

Nn, not; nun , nothingness <  אין  AYN means 'there is no' or 'none'

Ntrj, natron (as Greek nitron,  ative soda, NATRON)
     < נתר  NeTeR, cleansing material  [NITROGEN]

Qeres, sepulchre (as German Grab, grave) <   קבר Qe(V)eR, grave

Ra, sun god (Chinese  ri is sun, ruo is light)  <   ß   אור   OWR, light

Serapis, god of the lower world (as borrowed by the Greeks and Romans)
     <  שרף  SaRaPH, fiery serpent [SERPENT] and to burn [SAFFRON]

sherit , a small piece of something, a SHARD (as Polish sierota, orphan)
    <  שריד  SaReeYD (remnant)  [RESIDUE)

shy, dry (as Welsh sychu)  < צחה TSeeK[H]eH, thirsty, parched
    [SACK (dry)]

Sm, breath (as Afrikaans asem,breath)  < אשם   ESoaM means
    “I will breathe'  in Isaiah 42:14  [ANIMUS]

Tatta, eternity (see At above) < S-D   עד  [A]hD, forever [ETERNITY]

Tchena-t,  vase  (as Maya tzonot, a hollowed limestone storage vessel,
    a CENOTE)     <  צנצנת     TSiN’TSeNeT, large storage jar  [STEIN]

Tnhr, hawk  (as Mayan Ts’om, buzzard) <  ß נץ  NaiTS. falcon [NEST]

Wr ,  great (as VERY)  < ß  S-B   רב RaBH, plenty, much  [RIFE]

Al Ansley who got this list going, packs tonight for a Middle East tour. Luckily his Jerusalem hotel is only a 2-mile walk away.

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