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By Isaac Mozeson

W HNEN G E N E S I S- M A N W E N T I N T O C H A P T E R 11


 From a rendition of Genesis. [ ] = not available from the text itself.

GENESIS: Seventh Reading of Parshat Noach

Chapter  11:1  (14:1)
[No mere chronology, the Bible has completed the theme of Noah’s progeny
and now gets to the how and why they got scattered throughout the globe:]
At first, the whole habitable earth [from Edenic AReTZ] had its one divinely programmed computing language -- [ Edenic, best demonstrated in Biblical Hebrew roots ] --
with a unique and economical vocabulary -- [ so, despite their numbers and racial diversity, all people were on the same page].

11:2  (14:2)
[Even before they were galvanized into a totalitarian community by Nimrod, all people huddled together as Flood survivors, only tentatively] traveling to lower ground,
when they migrated from their ancient Near-Eastern homeland -- [ 40 years and many miles from the ark's landing site in Ararat, Turkey, with frail old patriarch Noah / Respite being 940 and ten years from death ] -- , they found a valley in the land of Shinar / Sumeria, and they all settled there together [under the refreshing leadership of strongman Nimrod / Let-Us-Rebel who united and liberated the Flood-fearers
 in the year 1996 since Man was placed in  Eden].

11:3  (14:3)
Not being socially corrupt, so not incurring divine destruction],
they said to their comrades :'Hey, we can make a society of identical bricks,
burning away in the [kiln of the state] any individual needs;'
they used man-made, mass-produced bricks instead of [God's own] building-stones
and made mortar instead of finding the natural clay that kept coalitions together.

11:4  (14:4)
In their [people's committees] they said, 'Hey, let us build us
a walled-in city, with a huge sky-scraping watchtower so
our bureaucratic big brother, rather than any heavenly Father,
will tell us what to do; we will make for Man a mighty reputation
[rather than striving to be godly] and our [Kremlin-like]
institution will keep us from diffusing our powerful unity over the pane
of the whole earth [whose topography now disallows one superstate].
11:5  (14:5)
[As high as this haughty tower was, intended to be a climbable ziggurat
tall enough to be above a future flood,] God as Mercy still had to come down
-- [as it were, since God is higher than any sky and nearer to the heart than any rib ] -- 
to investigate this [godless, totalitarian] city-state and centralized [Kremlin-like] tower
-- [whose mounds of bricks remain in Eridu, Iraq ] --  that the products
of erring Earthling / Adam [had abused their Free Will and ingenuity] to build. 

11:6  (14:6)
So the Eternal pronounced: 'Here we have a single human
confederacy articulating [and orchestrating] the same thoughts with the same dialect,
and this [surrender of individuality] is what they begin to do [with this unity];
and now they will not succeed, [and will be foiled by the very diversity of thought]
that they schemed to prevent.
11:7  (14:7)
‘Hey’ back to you -- [puny, insolent Man -- Me and My celestial consultants
will continue to communicate with the pure language of Zephaniah 3:19 which will only return in the Millennium, and continuing to create via diversity,] we will go down to your [neurology, to scramble the output stage of your program for ratiocination]
and ball up the Edenic proto-world language [into 70 large linguistic families
which will de-evolve into thousands of dialects] so that nobody will understand his own friend's language [or cultural perspective ].'

11:8   (14:8)
So the Eternal [kickstarted multi-national human history] and scattered mankind from that [nerve center of Nimrod’s rebellion], and they halted building the city -- [just as the Judeans were to build a city a city for all nations, but they were dispersed to all nations when they failed ethically  -- the anti-Babel of a fully built Jerusalem awaits the Millennium].

11:9  (14:9)
That is why Babel is named for babble, for there the Eternal God
balled up in a mixing bowl the single, original Edenic language,
and from there God as Eternal Overseer of History sent humans scattering
into [their suddenly] diverse linguistic communities that would band together and settle separate over the wide earth – [this generation merited mere disunity and not a Deluge, since they respected one another and merely rebelled against God, who can tolerate
idolaters or atheists who are ethical – similarly, before the Millennium,  God did not destroy, but scattered, the mighty and godless Soviet empire, which tried to centralize and control all language, thought and deeds – a oneness in human language and will is prophesied in Zephaniah 3:9].

11:10  (15A:1)
[Now Scripture counts the ten generations from universal prophet, Respite,
to Abraham, in God’s search for human partners, one who could found a covenantal family that could spread ethical monotheism as a priestly clan -- until the Noahides
would ascend, as the Millennium nears, to return to all nations the potential of godly living and priestly service (Isaiah 66), by merit rather than by mere parentage.]

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