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By Isaac Mozeson

The Thorny Issue of Putting the Net before the Needle


Yet another new entry in the E-Word Digital Dictionary came from the German project.

NETT(LE)   N'[A]T(SOOTS)   Noon-Ayin-Tsadi-Vav-Tsadi
ZOWSE___________ _____נעצוץ ___________ _____[ZAS]
ROOTS:     The alleged Indo-European (IE) “root” of  NETTLE

and NEEDLE is  ned  (to bind, tie) as if spikey NETTLE plants

have anything to do with the sewing of a NET (with a needle).  The

typically dull logic is again based on a shallow commonality of

sound; sense be damned.  Penetrating deeper, the 'scholars' who

have no need for Semitic roots are so anthro-centric as to think that

human sewing with needles is premier, rather than the needles in

creation.  The Creator, or at least 'Mother Nature,'    taught Man

via plants and animals with needles.  Porcupines can't sew a net, but

spiders taught us what to do if we attach fibers to something sharp

and thin.

Even on the 'sound' level, one should not think that NETTLE was

named for NEEDLE (or for ND tying), instead of the reverse.

German nadel (needle, pin) is not a likely cognate of German nessel

(nettle). We need a dental root that can provide both a (whistling)

fricative and a (tooth-made) dental.  A צ Tsadi/TS can do that.

      נעץN'[A]hTS, to stick into, to prick;
 נעצוץ  N'[A]TSOOTS is a thornbush (Isaiah 7:29).

Reversing to  צ-ן  Tsadi-Noon,  צן TSaiN is a barb, thorn, briar or biting snare (Proverbs 22:5) -- see TINE.   

BRANCHES:  The N-S and N-D German words above snugly fit   נ-צ  Noon-Tsadi, and so does an N-TS
or N-ST word.  There is no known source of NASTY, which used to mean 'dangerous. '  (Try reaching
absent-mindedly into your sewing kit).
Reverse N-TS for a Chinese needle:  针  zhēn.
Other listed cognates include: ANNEX, CONNECT, NODE, NODULE, DENOUEMENT,  and NEXUS.

The entries are sounding like posts.

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