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By Isaac Mozeson



The above children's song from 1950s Israel about the passing wheels [GaLGaLim]
of a vehicle [AGaLaH] had more wisdom than I thought.
The new entry:

GEAR       GahL        Gimel-Lamed
GULL_ _____גל______[GL à GR]
ROOTS:  There is no Indo-European (IE) “root” with the sound or sense of a GEAR, a wheel.  The Online Etymology Dictionary typically gets it backwardsThe wheel is so essential, as a toothed wheel in machines, that it likely expanded to mean “equipment.”  Or, terms like fishing GEAR have nothing to do with the wheel.

But, out-of-GEAR dictionaries with no teeth, no Semitic research, cite 'equipment,' from Old Norse gervi 'apparel,' related to gerr 'ready,' and gerva 'make ready,' from Proto Germanic *garwin- (cf. Old English gearwe; Old High German garawi 'clothing, dress,' garawen 'to make ready;' German gerben 'to tan'), from the made-up Proto-Indo-European  “root” *garw- that magically is to mean:  “toothed wheel in machinery.'

My apologies for making your eyes glaze over with this typical academic alchemy that is meant to hypnotize suckers into buying senseless reference material, and to pay billions for the tenure of such shoddy, racist scholarship.
There is far sounder etymological work done on GYRE.  The IE “root” is senseless, but they did cite Greek gyros (circle, ring spiral).  Historical linguists without a Semitic background do not know how to focus on consonants, so they miss the obvious GEAR-GYRE relationship.  See GYRE.

The wheel or GEAR is not about the inventive genius of the white man, or even of the Hamitic and Semitic empires that were in high GEAR when Richard Dawkins’ ancestors were swinging with baboons. The Ancient Egyptians rolled massive stone structures for miles using the wheels that Creation provided: logs.  A LOG is a reversed  גלגל  GahLGahL (wheel).

There’s the chariot wheel in Isaiah 5:28, or even the rolling of a   גלגלת  GaLGoLeT (skull, source of Golgotha) --  see SKULL. 
Outside the study hall heads will roll, but inside scrolls will roll; a  מגילה MiGeeYLaHh is a scroll.  אגל  AGahL is to flow in waves.   אגול  AGOAhL means round – see EGG.    גל  GahL is a wave  (Psalms 42:6) G E T T I N G  I N   H I G H  semicircular  גלים  GALES (waves heaps, hills) combine, as in the  גלגל  GahLGahL music, into the meaning of circles, wheels or GEARS. One can hear the waving round form of a rolling ball or wheel in the original language.

Those limited by inculcation cannot wrap their minds around the concept that many Western words are Semitic words being read from left-to-right.  And soothe round LOG from גל  GahL eludes them.  But GEAR is merely a standard liquid shift  (tongue-made letter shift) away: switching gears from L to R.

BRANCHES:  Let us roll in some world cognates to better hear the guttural-liquid or liquid-guttural root click like a GEAR in our heads:
Wave: Chinese 浪 làng (as usual: reversed and nasalized) , Korean  물   myul-gyel (water-wave).  Regina Werling (RW) gathers these 'wave' words:  Dutch, golf; Quechua, wallcha; Thai, kleun; Turkish, dolga and Ukrainian khvilya.

Wheel:  Belarussian  кола kola,  Bulgarian Колело kolelo, Czech kolo, Filipino gulong, Hungarian kerék, Russian колесо koleso (similar in Slovenian and Ukrainian),  Slovak kolo and Tibetan kor-lo. Azerbejani  çarx and the many Dravidian wheels from Sanskrit chakra may be adding to a liquid-guttural.  Japanese hoiru and kuruma are possibilities, given that kairo is a circuit.
Many liquid-dental or dental-liquid  ROUND (nasalized with an extra N) wheels at TIRE.
al GaLGaLim, al GaLGaLiM al GalGaLim...

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