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By Isaac Mozeson

I R I S H- from - EDENIC


Edenic eyes are smilin', it's St. Patrick's Day 

(We're lookin' for a volunteer to format this, and twice as much data that we are showin' below.)

IRISH from EDENIC (includesOld Irish, Modern Irish, Gaelic and Scottish)   
S or I indicates that the word is modern Scottish or Irish, while most of this list is Old Irish.
Edenics Scots-Irish major contributor, and future  Edenics Celtic coordinator : Fearhas MacFhiomlaigh (FM)
Letter Shift Codes A menorah of only 7 sounds, as all music is from 7 notes
שנוי בצליל האותיות
All vowels are interchangeable, no letter shifts need be indicated.
S-B = bilabial shift [interchangeable lip letters: B, F, V, W],
S-F = fricative shift,[interchangeable whistling letters:
 Soft C, S, TS]
S-G = guttural shift [interchangeable throat letters: Hard C, G, K, Q]
S-D = dental shift [interchangeable tooth letters: D, T, TS]
S-L = liquid shift [interchangeable tongue letters: L, R]
S-N = nasal shift  [interchangeable nose letter: M, N]
M = metathesis (root letters switch places. For example, an M213 metathesis is French blanc (white) coming from the second, first and third letters of Edenic LaBHaN (white).שנוי בסדר האותיות
ß = reverse the (root letters of) the Edenic word  הפוך 
N  Nasalize the word with an added N or M  הוסיף אות אף  
Upper Case word in [brackets] is the Edenics dictionary entry to find all Biblical citations and Semitic and world cognates.
Key to romanized Hebrew Aleph-Bet:
Vowels in lower case. Root letters in Upper Case with [brackets] around unpronounced letters or non-historic ones in the derivative language.  5 Hebrew letters have end-forms.
Aleph א = A or any Upper Case VOWEL, Betב  = B, Bhet = BH or (V), Gimel  ג= G, Dalet = ד D, Hey  ה= H, Vav  ו= V, OO or OA, Zayinז  = Z,
Het   ח= [K]H or K[H], Tetט  = DT, Yod  י= Y, Kahf כ,ך K, Khaf = KH, Lamed  ל= L, Memמ,ם  = M, Noonנ  = N, Samekh  ס= $, Ayin  ע= bracketed UPPER CASE [VOWEL] or GH, Peyפ,ף  = P, Phey = PH or F,
Zaddi  צ,ץ= TS (always read ST in European), Koof  ק= Q,
Raish  ר= R or WR, Shin  ש= SH, Sin = S, Tahf   ת= T, TH, or (S)
                        [CAPITALIZED] bracketed words are entries in the E-Word CD Dictionary
                         where one can look up the chapter/verse, and related words in Semitic and
                          global languages.
Key to entry:
 IRISH word, part-of-speech if nec., 2. (code – see above) 3 (definition of Irish word), 4. ultimate source in Edenic – romanization key to the BIBLICAL HEBREW is above, 5. (definition of Edenic source word, 
[ENGLISH cognate tosearch in the e-word CD dictionary to find related roots, Biblical citations of proposed etymons and foreign cognates — if in UPPER CASE the English word is an entry name in the e-word CD dictionary
< = ultimately from the Edenic
S  or I -  Contemporary Scottish or Irish, all from FM.
Abis, abyss  < S-B  אפס EPHe$, zero, naught   [ABYSS]
     Aibheis  (S, Scottish) , Aibhéis (I, Modern  Irish)
Accrann, shoe <  M231, S-G,L נעל  Na'[A]hL, shoe [NAIL]  )
Acht, (conj.) but <  אך AhKH, only.  (Hawaiian aka, but)
     Ach (Contemporary Scottish and Irish)
Adrad, adartha; adhradh (S, I) = worship, as in the ADORATION of baby Jesus
   <   M 231 ?  הדר HaDaR,   to adorn, honor [ADORE] . (FS)
Aille, blessing <   הללHaLeL (praise)   [HAIL]
     Aithirge, repentance, (which begins with REGRET) < S-G,D,  M321 metathesis,
   a full reversal of guttural-lquid-dental  חרטהK[H]aRaDTaH, repentance  [REGRET]
     Aithre, Aithreachas (Mod. Scottish),Aithrí, Aithreachas (Contemporary Irish)
Asan, donkey, Old Irish,    <  S-D אתון  ATOAN, donkey        [ASSININE]
     Asal (Contemporary Scottish and Irish)
Ban (S, I), white  < S-B  לבן LaBHaN, white   [ALBINO]
Bith, betha, world  <  ß,  S-D    תבל TeBHeL, world  [WORLD]
bileog, sheet < פלח  PeLaK[H], or  פלך PHeLaKH. a slice  [FLAKE]
Brage, neck <  ß M321, S-B  GHoReF, scruff of neck   [GIRAFE]
     Brága (Early Irish), Neck, Throat, Gullet; Bràghad (Contemporary Scottish)
     Neck, Throat, Windpipe; Bràigh (Cont. Scottish) Upper part of any thing or place,
Bra(n) ,  raven  <   ß   עורב    [O]aReBH, raven   [RAVEN]
Briar, a prickle or thorn < ברקן  BaRQaN, briar [BRACKEN]
Briathar, brethre, word  < M231  S-D     דבר  DaBHaR, word   [WORD]
     Briathar (Contemporary Scottish)  Word, Term (phrase 'Tha e anns a' Bhriathar'
     = 'It is in the Scriptures'); Briathar (Contemporary Irish) Word, Verb, Logos
Brig  , force  < M231  גבורה   GiBHOORaH means power, strength, might    [FORCE]
     Brìgh (Contemporary Scottish) , substance, pith, energy, strength ; 
     Brí (Contemp.  Irish) Strength, vigour, force, energy, significance
Bus,  mouth, lip  <  ß S-F,B שפה  SaPHaH, lip  [BUSS] 
     Bus (Cont.Scottish) , sulking lips; Pus (Cont. Irish)  out
Cairde, covenant <  חרד K[H]aRaD, to be godfearing, trusting   [CREED]
    Creud is the Contemporary Irish
Cara, he loves <    יקר YaQaR , dear  [CHERISH]
       Caratrad ,  Cara and Caraid  are friendship in Early Irish, and 'friend' in
      Contemporary Irish and y Scottish)
Carbad from Dwelly's Gaelic Dictionary:. 1.. Chariot, coach, chaise. 2 Waggon. 3 Litter. 4 Bier.
     5 Any pleasure vehicle. (including some C-R boats.). Most important is the link
     etween chairs, riding compartments and vehicles
  . <  כר  KHaR ('saddle pillow,' 'furniture') [CAR] -FM. 
Ceist. a question and difficulty  < S-F קשה    QaSHeH ,  difficult,; QoaSHeeY, difficulty;
      From Aramaic  קשיה  :   QooSHYaH, question  [QUERY]
Cepal, horse    < M231 S-B. S-L  רחב  ReKHeBH, mount [HORSE]
Cennaige, merchant  < 1.       כנעניKeNaGHNeeY (tradesman, Cananite – Isaiah 23:8 )
    2.  קנה   QoaNeH, to buy (Jeremiah 32:15),   ]COIN]   Ceannaí  and  Ceannaiche
    in Contemporary Irish and Scottish
Colinn, flesh; colnide, carnal <עור   GHOAR, skin, flesh [CORIUM]
      CRaiceann in skin in Contemporary Scottish and Irish,
      with a few C-L terms of  CARnal misdeeds
Coim, coem (dear) <   חם K[H]aM, warmth; the ח-מ Het-Mem extension is
     נחמד NeK[H]'MaD = precious, dear [AMITY]
Cor, cicle  <  1. קער  Koof-Ayin-Vav-Resh   Qa[O]OR, concave   [CURVE],
    2   < S-L  עגול     [A]GOAL,     Circle  [CAR]
cos or cois, leg (pronounced: kush)  <  ß שוק  SHoaQ, thigh [SHANK]
Cretid, believes  <   חרד  K[H]aRaD, to be godfearing   [CREED]
Cride, heart  <  חרד K[H]aRaD, to tremble (the heart is the trembler) [CARDIO]
Cuaran ( I, S), sandal (see accrann above) <  M231, S-G,L נעל  Na'[A]hL, shoe [NAIL] 
Cumme, like <  כמו K'MoW, like   [COMMON]
 Daid, father , dad in Mod. Irish  <   דוד  DOAD, uncle …beloved [DAD]
Dag- ,  later deg-, good, well < ß  גד   GaD, together, unified, GAThered toGETher
    (thus good)      This explains why English 'good' is the Irish reversed.
   Also,     גד   GaD means 'fortune'   [GOOD]
     Deagh  is  Good, fine, excellent in Scottish.
Damhsa, dance < nasalizes  דץ DahTS with an M, not an N   [DANCE].   
Dan, gift <   1. <    תן  TaiN, to give; MaTaNaH, gift [DONATE];
   2.  <  ß  נדב      NeDaBHaH, gift  [ENDOW]
     Dán in Contemporary Irish is a literary term for a gift or offering
Dilgud, forgiveness <    דלוג DeeLOOG, omission, skip (Psalms 18:30)
     Díolmhaigh (Contemporary Irish, N.)   is to exempt
Direach, straight, exact  <   דרך  DeReKH, (direct) way    [DIRECTION]
  Dóigh ,  way, condition  <  DeReKH
Domhan, world <  ADaMaH
Drugaire, slave <   S-G   טרח  DToaRaK[H], wearisome burden [DRUDGE]
     Drugair (Contemporary Scottish) is an obsolete word for a slave or drudge
 Duine,   man or person   <  S-N אדם   ADaM, man, person, human  [DEMOCRAT] 
Dureach, direct  <  דרך DeReKH, way, road  [DIRECTION]
     Dìreach  is the Contemporary Scottish and Irish
Duris, door  <  S-L   דלת DeLe(S), door  [DELTA]
      Doras is the Contemporary Scottish and Irish
Ennac, innocent  <    נקי   NaQeeY, innocent, guiltless [INNOCENT]
Faittech, cautious < S-B   בטח   BeDTa[K]H, safety, security  [FAITH]
Fiach, debt  <   ß  S-G,B    חוב  K[H]OABH debt  [OWE] 
Fer, man, husband<   גבר  GeBHeR, man ; G'BHeeYR, master [VIRILE]
Fid, tree, Old Irish < S-B,D   בד   BahD, tree limb  [BAT]
Fir, true  < S-B    ברור  BaROOR, sure, evident   [VERIFY]
Follus, clear, manifest <  S-B, S-L   ברי  BaReeY, clear
     (as Fr verre is clear glass) [VERIFY]
Fonn, white,  may have lost an initial L  <   לבן LaBHaN, white  [ALBINO]
Gabhar, goat < S-B  עופר   GHOAPHeR, fawn of ruminants, like goats  [CAPRICORN]
Grad, grade  <  M321 or full reversal   דרגה  DaRGaH, grade, step [DEGREE, GRADE]
Gual, charcoal  <   גחל  GeK[H]aL, glowing coal [COAL]
Im(m), with  <   עם [E]eM, with  (Genesis 18:25)  [MAMA]
Kittle (S), to tickle  <  ß S-D, S-G   דגדג   DiGDaiG, tickle  [TICKLE]
Kelly, warrior  < S-G   חיל  K[H]aYahL, soldier  [HEALTH]
mór, big  < ß  רם RahM, high, exalted [RUM]
Mur, sea <   מר  MahR, bitter (the salty sea, the briny brine) [MARINE]    
      Muir is the Contemporary Scottish and Irish
Ni, not  < ß    אן AiN, none  [NO]
Noib, a saint <  S-B   נביא  NaBHeeYE, prophet (Deuteronomy 13:2).
      NoaBH is a city of priests (I Samuel 22:19).
ocht, #8   <  ח K[H]eT, letter and number 8  [EIGHT]
Or, gold  <   אור  OaR, light  [AURIOLE]   
Recht, law  < M231 metathesis of דרך   DeReKH, the way to go [RIGHT]
Sain, different. special <  S-F  שנה  SHaNaH, to be different   [CHANGE]
Samhail, like; Samhuil, likeness, simile  <  סמל  $eMeL, likeness [SIMULATION]                                   
samhail, like, samhuil, likeness, simile,                                   
 Scian, knife (Old Irish); sgian, knife (Gaelic) S-G <  סכין  $aKeeYN, knife [SKEAN]
Slab, mud or any sloppy, slippery surface. < M132, S-F,B   שפלה  SHaPHayLaH,
       lowland, spillway                        [ASPHALT]
slán, goodbye, be healthy, whole complete < S-N    שלום    SHaLOAM, goodbye,
      greetings,    e whole,   complete or שלם  SHaLaiM  [SOLEMN]
sneeachta, snow  < S-G צנה    TSeeNaH, cold  [SNOW]
sparán, purse  <  M213 S-B  בשר   BaSaR, leather  [BURSAR]
Suil, eye   <  S-F  צלם   TSeLeM, image  [SILLOUETTE]
tίr,  land or country <  ß ארץ AReTS [EARTH]
Tol, will, desire  < ß S-L רצה   RaTSaH, desire
Tri or tre, through < S-D דרך  DeReKH ,  by way of, source of English THROUGH
   and German durch, through
trogae, misery  < S-G טרח    DToaRaK[H], heavy trouble (Deuteronomy 1:12) –
    see drugaire above [DRUDGE
Tu, thou   < אתה   ATaH, you  [THEE]
Ubh, egg   <   S-B     עוף[O]aWF, fowl (egglayers)  [OVA]
Udaru, direction  <          דרךDeReKH, direction   [DIRECTION]

2013  E-Word Digital Dict.
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