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By Isaac Mozeson

P R E H I S T O R I C C A M E R A - W O R K


A good player is active even when without the ball.  Here is a rare example of an entry in the E-Word Digital Dictionary where we lacked a source word in Biblical Hebrew or Ancient Semitic.

CAMERA    QahMahR     Koof-Mem-Resh

ROOTS: From Greek Kamara (a vault), a CAMERA is named for the vaulted CHAMBER of its construction. The primary definition of a CAMERA is a private office or small room, not a photographic device.

The Armenian arch is a կամար  kamar. In Arabic and Turkish qamera is a cabin, and qamar is the crescent moon.  The Turkish arch is kemer. None of these ancient cultures needed to borrow such a word from the Greeks or the later Romans (Latin camur is curved.)

 קמר  QaMaR is to vault or arch; קמור QeeMOOR is a semi-circle; and   קמור QaMOOR is bowed or convex. The sub-root  ק-מ  Koof-Mem is seen in   קום   QOOM,  meaning 'rise up' (Genesis 23:7).  The way to raise a wall or CHAMBER in antiquity was with an arch, two curving walls and a keystone on top.  This vaulted architecture in the Near East was in place before Athens was settled. Extending this sub-root gets us  מקום  MaQOAM,  residence,  always a vaulted chamber (as seen in ancient dwellings in Jerusalem  today).

  There are a few other vertical guttural-nasal-liquid Edenic  words to consider.   חמר K[H]eMeR is an upraised heap, a similar pyramid shape (Exodus 8:10).  עמר GHaMaR, a bundle of wheat  (Leviticus 23:10) is also a verb “to heap” (Harkavy).   A vaulted guttural-nasal-liquid in zoology is the humpbacked  גמל  GaMaL (camel – also guttural-nasal-liquid).

BRANCHES: The Indo-European (IE) “root” kamer (to bend; a vault) is the given etymon for the following derivatives: CAMARILLA, CAMBER, BICAMERAL, CABARET, CAMERA, CHAMBER, COMRADE, CUMMERBUND and HEAVEN. HEAVEN is closer to חפה [K]HooPaH (canopy). 
 A Norwegian “chamber” is a kammer.

See CAMEL for several  other Hebrew terms of vaulted, piled up, humpbacked hings. Pile on the term  גמיר GHaMeeYR (sheaf -- but more like haystack in Amos 2:13) and one sees why ACCUMU­LATE, CUMULUS and CYME are related.

The R and M appear reversed in the Welsh word crom (bent – see below).  A CROMLECH is a circular, prehistoric tomb.
The Edenic קום QOOM,  to rise, appears to rise up in Thai: keun (a nasal shift away).

קמר  QaMaR is not in the Hebrew Bible, so a fine lexicographer like Ernest D. Klein understandably calls the word a foreign borrowing. Here is an unusual proof that the word is Edenic: a “confused” version of it is in German.  A Greek KMR vault collapses when considering the Old High German krumm (crooked, bent, warped). Modern German Krumm means curved; krümmen, is to curve or warp; Krümmer is a technical bend or elbow. 

Is the German KRM M132 metathesis of   קמר  QaMaR a lucky coincidence? Perhaps to a Darwinist religious fanatic who has not seen our massive Edenic evidence. Besides the German there is  “curved” in Welsh: crwm, a spelling variant seen above, and crom  means arched” in Scots Gaelic. These Indo-European words that are an unnatural scrambling of Greek and Latin words do not fit the classical fantasies of the Eurocentrists.

Possible forms of  קמר  QaMaR   (curved) outside of Indo-European include:  Maltese mgħawġa, Malay melengkung and Telegu Kramānu.      See ACME. 
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