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By Isaac Mozeson



The new entry from the almost-finished German-from-Edenic e-book 
(over 1000 words):

PUTSCH   PeTS[A]h   Pey-Tsadi-Ayin
PETS-AH______פצע      _           _[P-TS-U]
ROOTS:  This word for a coup d’etat is from German and Swiss dialect. A PUTSCH is a push or blow, and thus  not a large-scale military operation, but a quick, well-aimed blow at the top.

 פצע PeTS[A]h is a bruise or wound;  פצע PaTS[A]h is to bruise or wound (Genesis 4:23; Exodus 21:25).  This “wound,” where skin is opened, פצע PeTS[A]h is part of a large  PT family  seen at PATIO.  

A second Edenic echo might be an M213 metathesis of  טפח DTahPHa[K]H (to strike, push).  A third could be an   M231 S-B (shift of lip letter) of  שבט SHeBHeDT, a rod fit for canning (a naughty child)  -- see “SWITCH.”

BRANCHES:   This third way to assassinate el generalissimo fits German Peitsche, a whip or lash.
Yiddish  פאטש  patch or petch (smack, slap) is Yiddish for a swift application of child psychology to the cheek or buttocks.  The slapping or whipping sense still is fine for פצע PaTS[A]h since lashing causes open wounds

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