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By Isaac Mozeson

GE’OOLaH . גאולה . (Redemption) : LET . THE . GOOD . TIMES . ROLL


In the giant wheel (  גלגל  GaLGahL) of history, the Late Bronze Age Hebrews seem to be on a roll
 (  ג-ל  Gimel-Lamed root)   towards better times.

Why is
גלה  GaLaHrevealing” (Genesis 35:7) and both  גלב GaLaBH  (see GLABROUS) and גלח   GaLaKH  (see GALYAK)  about shaving or revealing skin?

How is    ג-ל  Gimel-Lamed    rolling like revealing?  
 Beyond the sweeping motion of a barber, or the way a vista is revealed when clouds roll by,
 one must look at an important symbol in Genesis 29: 8-11. 

There, Jacob  rolls  a boulder away from the mouth of a well, to uncover it  (reveal it),  and feed the flocks.
 No less that rolling away Diaspora  ( גלות  GaLooT) itself (where the divine is hidden) is a Gimel-Lamed word: 
גאולה GE’OOLaH (Redemption). 

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