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By Isaac Mozeson

A. BALLERINA'S. GLISSADE (slide) . IS .NO. GLITSCH , (slip. mistake)


Most of the entries in our upcoming German-from Edenic book (over 1000 words traced)
are rather quick.  To see the entry below, then, it looks like a GLITSCH (mis-step or

Glas  glass; gläsern   glassy; glasieren  to glaze, ice;  glasig (related GLT glassy and smooth words);  glatt   mooth, slippery; Glätte   moothness, slipperiniess;  Glatteis   icy;   glatten  to smooth; Glatze  a bald (smooth) head; Gleid- gliding;   Gletscher  glacier; glitschen to slip; glitschig   lippery  [Yiddish  גלאָז]  <  גלש  GaLaS(H),  to slide, glide or, later, ski and related frosty words like Arabic snow, galid. Every Israeli child knows גלידה GLeeYDaH (ice cream)—which is named for its glossy texture. [GLISSADE]

But the GLS/GLT words of slippery sliding or glassy gliding just seemed to roll in.

To roll, גלגל GiLGaiL, is the  ג-ל  Gimel-Lamed/G-L sub-root here. 

Is this Edenics stuff really kosher?   Yes, in fact it's glatt.
Happy Year of the Dragon

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