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By Isaac Mozeson

DISPENSING...with..the..White...Power... Clowns...In...Cap... N'...Gowns


(DIS)PENSE      NaPHahTS      Noon-Phey-Tsade
Na-FUTZ    נפץ    [N-PH-TS  à  P NS ]
ROOTS:  The  Indo-European 'root' for  DISPENSE has nothing to do with distribution.  The only way to fake a Classical source was to claim that distributing could possibly involve weighing something out, so Latin pendere (to weigh) and the IE 'root'  (s)pen (to draw, stretch, spin) was trotted out.

DISPENSE with stretches and spins by the White Power clowns in caps and gowns. See SPIN.

The AHD defines DISPENSE as 'to give or deal out, especially in parts or portions.'  We dispense with the prefix 'dis' and seek an Edenic etymon that matches this definition, and containes a bilabial, nasal and fricative.

נפץ   NaPHahTS is to disperse, scatter – as in Genesis 9:19, with the dispersion of the new peoples formed by the neuro-linguistic spin-off of the one Edenic language into 70 language families. 

In one slice of the human pie, Proto-Indo-European ,  נפץ  NaPHahTS  underwent an M213 metathesis  to become the source of disPeNSe.

Edenic XYZ is XY +YZ.  The XY or Noon-Phey here is seen in נוף NOOPH (to shift or sift,as in to sift the nations – Isaiah 30:28. See FAN.  Ben-Yehuda's renders נף  NahF as 'to sprinkle.'  

The 2nd or YZ element is the פ-צ  Pey-Tsade family:  פצה    PaTSaH is to open or set free (Genesis 4:11); פצח    PaTSa[K]H is to burst open or crack (Mica 3:3); פצל  PeeTSaiL is to divide or peel (Genesis 30:37);  פצם  PaTSaM is to split open (Psalm 60:4);  for the split skin of a 'wound,' there's    פצע PeTS[A]h  - (Exodus 21:25 -- see PUTSCH   פצפץ  PiTSPaiTS  and פצץ   PaTSaTS  is to shatter or break into pieces.   פצץ PaTSaTS is to disperse in I Chronicles 24:15. 

And so the dispersion of peoples (Genesis 10) and languages (Genesis 11 – it's Theo-logic not chronologic), the initial Big Bang of language dispersal, seems to be very much unlike the natural, ongoing, and gradual devolution of languages to dialects to new 'languages.'
BRANCHES:  For the dozens of bogus 'cognates' of DISPENSE at IE (s)pen, see entries like PINNACLE, SPAN, SPIN and SPEND.'
The Purim tie-in is to the DIASPORA entry, and the citation from Esther 3:8.
'There is a certain people scattered and dispersed among the other peoples…'
    מפוזר M'PHOOZahR
Most of the 'scattering' around the world favors forms of פזר PaZahR.  Korean bunsan  (scatter) might be an M213 metathesis (S-B S-F) of נפץ   NaPHahTS  (scatter). 

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