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By Isaac Mozeson

SLASREVER (to be read with a mirror)


This girl can say any word backwards.

After this amazing You Tube was sent to me, I found more on 'talking backwards.'  
Like glossolalia (speaking in tongues -- in languages never learned, even extinct ones), these documented 'abnormal' or 'gifted' people prove that the human brain is wired for switching languages... and the backward-talkers point to the primacy of  left-to-right speech.

The   בורא ניב שפתים Creator of Words was able to scramble our neurology, to start multi-cultural, multi-linguistic human history with Babel-babble, quite easily and naturally.

In our Edenics data we have several 1000 words in 100s of languages where a full REVERSAL has taken place.
Those who dismiss this as 'coincidence' have not seen the YouTubes and our data, are emotionally blocked, or brain-damaged.

Got some intriguing REVERSALS, like aLTo/TaLL, LEaF/FoLio, aMouNt/NuMber, MiNus/MaNy ?  In any 2 languages.  Send them in to  We can name the book  'SLASREVER: A Collection of Reverse Words Large Enough To Turn Your Thinking Around.'

*Tseb, Caasi

*Do you think it a 'coincidence'  that 'BeST' backwards sounds like DoBre
(good) in Slavic and טוב DTOABH (good) in Edenic  (Pre-Hebrew) ?   ('BeTTer works better.)


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