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By Isaac Mozeson

ST A G (ING)....... G E ST (URES)


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GEST(URE)       (Hee)TSeeYG       Hey-Tsadi-Yod-Gimel
(HE)-TSEEG_________הציג_________[TS---> ST-G]
ROOTS:   A GESTURE  is a GESTICULATION, a signal in theatrical body language, usually with the arms and hands, to lend  emphasis to our words.  

Darwinian word historians feel that words evolved from gorilla grumblings and the GESTURES of apelike hominids. It could not occur to them them that designed roots were scrambled, and that a GESTURE  is a reverse  STAGING, presenting, representing, dramatizing or exhibiting.  At the etymology of STAGE (see  STAGE) the theme of exhibition is relegated to the status of Latin  “standing.”  (To the Monkey-Men, “all the world’s a stage” only means a STAGE we are going through, not a place of drama and fun.)

In the given etymology of GESTURE, too, the reader is barred from the theater, is swept away to Latin  gestus, a past participle of Latin gerere (to carry, carry on, act.)   The AHD boldly pronounces  gerere to be a Latin verb of “unknown origin.”

 יצג YeeTSaiG is to represent; הציג  HeeTSeeYG is to introduce or present.  Joseph displays or STAGES his brothers in Genesis 47:2.   מצג MaTSahG is a presentation.   צג TSahG is the New Hebrew word for a digital display.  

There is a stationary  יצג YahTSahG (to set, place -- Exodus 10:24). This allows for the non-theatrical STAGE, like a storey.

BRANCHES:   Many weak English etymologies are demonstrably about preferring convoluted Latin to straightforward German.  German anzeigen is to show, display, report, advertise, announce, inform on;
zeigen  is to show, point, indicate, demonstrate, display or exhibit. Reverse  צ-ג TSadi-Gimel  in Slavic, such as Polish okaz (an exhibit, specimen; to show or demonstrate ).

As a GESTURE to the historical linguists, it is likely that some of their research has much value… but not right here, where GESTURE is supposed to be a cognate of BELLIGERENT, CONGEST, DIGEST, GERUND, GEST, GESTATION, GESTICULATE (see above), INGEST, JEST (see “SCOFF”), REGISTER, SUGGEST, and VELIGER.

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