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By Isaac Mozeson

R E S E T T L I N G ... T H E... N A V A H O S


an entry nuevo:

NAVAHO      NaVaH      Noon-Vav-Hey
Na-VAH____   ___נוה    ________[NVH]
ROOTS:   The native NAVAHO or NAVAJO name of this Southwestern American Indian tribe is Dine (people).  People, humans, all children of Adam are   אדם    ADahM (Man, Adam – see DEMOCRAT).  A nasal shift takes DM to DN.

The Navaho name comes from the Spanish who called them “Apaches of the valley.” 
Other sources emphasize a “plain” or “cultivated field.”

EDK defines  נוה    NaVaH as pasture, meadow, citing  Old South Arabic NVY (meadow, pasture)
And Akkadian nawu (pasture).  
After definitions like pasture (II Samuel 7:8), are meaning like “dwelling” or “habitation” from the same root letters. 

This added meaning is fitting, since the Spaniards encountered unusually settled, peublo-dwelling tribes in the region.  

BRANCHES:  Spanish Navajo is also defined as a dale or dell.

The many guessed meaning of the placename Scandinavia have only one thing in common: they lack sound and sense correspondence with the name.  See “ENSCONCED” for the first element; this entry offers better theories for an N-V element.  

May we all find our field, and rest on the Sabbath.

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