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By Isaac Mozeson



from a letter to an Esperanto expert:

Because so many languages have words with evident Edenic roots, I'm sure Esperantists trying to coin a new word will get led to an economic root by consulting the attached 
E-Word dictionary.

If the word is not there, good chance the given etymology has a streamlined Edenic form, bereft of nasalizations or other non-historic additions unnecessarily cluttering up the root. The simplicity (not simple to coin) is what makes Esperanto so valuable.

In what other language can you provide the person, the tense, and the verb in a 3-letter word like   ת לך TeLeKH  (you shall travel).  Perhaps the Indo-European language with the most cumbersome grammar, chock full of awkward prefixes and suffixes, etc. is Sanskrit.

 So much for the erroneous theory that languages evolved, and the older ones are better.  Hindi is much better for having simplified Sanskrit.  Even more so than Modern English and various creoles have benefited by simplifying ancient Germanic and English.

Example in the vocab of South India (the grammar is much worse):
Sanskrit: Karaavala (sword)  <   חרב K[H]eREBH, sword  [HARPOON entry in E-Word]
 Hindi: Kr̥pāṇa कृपाण (sabre)  < S-B (bilabial shift) חרב K[H]eREBH, sword  [HARPOON]

Languages devolved, from our non-humanly economic and logical Pre-Hebrew Proto-Earth we are calling 'Edenic.'  With common goals of simplicity and economy, Esperanto and Edenic are peculiar twins: the first and the last human languages.

P.S. After their arduous conclaves to create Esperanto last century, the founders kicked back and spoke to each other in an internationally known language: Yiddish.  
2013  E-Word Digital Dict.
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