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By Isaac Mozeson

Facebook... and... the... Adam... and ... Eve... of.... Destruction


Who’d imagine a larger post would come from Facebook exchanges, but they have lately become plentiful and deep.

Instead of a different set of similar opposites, laughing and crying words from
ר-נ  R-N , let’s look at a set brought up by Maurine LaFaive:

SCHAD(ENFREUDE)       SHoaD       Shin-Dalet
ROOTS:   SCHADENFREUDE  is the pleasure from another’s misfortune.  This first part of this German term is from Schaden, damage, harm. The Amer. Heritage Dict. ‘s (AHD) alleged  Indo-European (IE)“root” is sket(e), to injure.  The Old Norse cited also makes clear that the “harm” is injurious and serious.

 שד    SHoaD is violence or oppression in Psalms 12:6, and destruction in Hosea 7:13.  שדד SHaDaD is a verb of  oppression (Psalms 17:9)  and destruction (Jeremiah 47:4).  More SH-D harm at SHADE.

Typical and unique in Edenic (anathema to a human language) is opposites of similar-sounding roots.  שד SHahD is the breast (Genesis 49:25).  Adding the י Yod of divinity,  שדי SHaDahY is the Almighty Creator as the nurturing breast of creation.  Because the deity of Torah is neither male nor female, it is not a problem if a metaphor seems masculine or feminine.

BRANCHES:   SCATHE is listed as a cognate by the AHD.  See 'SCATHE.'  “Damage” words from Shin-Dalet /SH-D include: Czech skoda,  Danish and Norwegian skade, Dutch schade, Polish szkoda, Serbo-Croatian steta, Swedish skada and Yiddish schoden  In the words above where an added guttural can be heard is the related fricative-dental שחת   SHaK[H]aT (destruction – Genesis 6:13).

Maureen LaFaive  uggests that SHATTER is related. SHATTER is “of uncertain origin” (Barnhart). Speculation links SHATTER to SCATTER,  but Avestan scandayeiti (he destroyed, broke) recalls the destructive Shin-Dalet root.

The bible critic Driver is clueless about a Divinely Designed Edenic language, with built-in similar opposites, so he blabbles on about the usual garbage that the “Old Testament” deity is about destruction and vengeance. The excellent secular bible translator Robert Altar tells us that what seems like a flawed contradiction to the Western-trained a profound paradox to the biblical mind.

TEAT words from שד SHahD may include Breton tēs (reversed) and German zitze  (common shifts).
Besides welcoming Maureen aboard, Sampson’s prolific friend Victor also has insights from Igbo (Nigerian).  When emailing we’ll exchange books and data.  Is it strange to consider a few score of words similar to Hebrew as any evidence of the precursor of Hebrew.  We have 1300 German and almost as many Japanese and Araona (Amazon jungle) words with far sharper links to what must be the Edenic human language program gifted to the first human speakers at Eden.

In the news is a well-received thesis that a South African “click” language is the Mother Tongue.  Whether it’s this Prof. Atkinson or our Nigerian FB friends: you have to produce at least 2000 bits of pan-global, sound evidence before you can play ball in the same league with Edenics.

Fine comments and additions are made by other FB friends, like Kevin (who knew that כף the palm of the hand, was our first CUP), Judd, Shanti and Mikko... to name a few. 

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