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By Isaac Mozeson



There are occasional, and even regular Edenics contributors to our global team who have not quite understood, or appreciated, my criteria for printing a link to Edenic
(the prehistoric Modern Human language program best documented by Biblical Hebrew.)

For every EMeTological match I demand both available SOUND and logical SENSE, both MUSIC and MEANING.

Many published etymologies in our reference books are quite senseless. They do have a mere SOUND correspondence. Thus, for example, ROCKET and RUG (< ארג EReG, woven) are somehow called 'cognates.'  Or, for sense-sans-sound: YELL is officially a cognate of CRY (?!)

French blanc means 'white.' Just because it sounds like a nasalized (extra N) BLACK, does not mean it can be linked to BLACK. The only way it can be traced to the Edenic word for white, לבן LaBHahN, is by ignoring the C of blanc and switching the order of letters from BLN to LBN. That's fine. We know from 'blanD' and 'blonDe' that a root of light-colored paleness is BLN.

It would be mad to assume that BLANCH, BLANK or even VANILLA
may come from a mysterious neuro-linguistic scrambling of Lamed-Bhet-Noon, LBN.  U n l e s s   there were several 100 documented examples of this happening. And we have various kinds of metathesis of Edenic, like anagrams, from the furthest corners of the planet.

So ends my apology to contributors who consider my bouncer at the door of the Edenics Disco to be too choosy.


The Edenics website has been  vastly upgraded since I married my webmistress. See the language lists and global charts at 

Let's get YOUR language list made or expanded, then posted. Or, fight senility and boredom by playing with Google Translate and online dictionaries to make new global word charts, or to make some from entries in the E-Word Digital Dictionary.

New ed. of THE ORIGIN OF SPEECHES lightcatcherbooks
Archived posts, Edenics searches + web games:
Edenics DVDs. Edenic (Biblical Hebrew) as the original, pre-Babel human language program see our many resources at incl. videos in English, Spn., Fr. or Ger. youtube: v=glWG3coAtEg

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