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By Isaac Mozeson



There isn't an IOTA of evidence that language evolved from animal signals, or that a Proto-Indo-European people ever existed. 
But what's truth got to do with it?

the E-Word Digital Dictionary

IOTA     YoD  (letter YoD)     Yod-Vav-Dalet   
YO(D)T________יוד_________[YoD --> IOT]
ROOTS: IOTA is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet.  The tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is  יוד  YoD.

The illiterate ancient Greeks got their Alpha-Beta or alphabet from the Semitic Aleph-Bet.  But cherished myths, like the cultural supremacy of the Greco-Romans die slowly. Similarly,  there is not an IOTA (the smallest amount) of evidence than a Proto-Indo-European people or language ever existed. 

The lower case IOTA is as small as the Hebrew י /Y  , formally called יוד YoD,  which is why IOTA means a small quantity or a JOT.  Biblical Hebrew letters (like weekdays and months) were numbers, not names. This is another reason why the one-letter translation schemes of Benner, Misler etc. are misinformed.

BRANCHES:  JOT is from Yod-Dalet, just as surely as Jerusalem is from    ירושליםYeROOSHaLaYiM, Judah is from   יהודה YeHOODaH (JEW is a clipped JUDEAN), or Jethro is from יתרו   YiTRoW. 

Another “small thing” that sounds like JOT is יד  YaD, a peg, handle or hand  (Exodus 26:17). 

 The Hebrew  יYoD / Y is most often rendered I:  Israel is from  ישראל  YiSRAeL in Hebrew, and Ionia is from the name  יוןYaVaN  (Genesis 10:2 - where the Greek brother of Media, Moscow and Thrace is rendered Javan in English Bibles).  More examples of Yod / Y taking an i are at IS and JINX. 

As for JOT and YoD as a J-like soft-G sound, note the Italian take on י     Yod-names like 1) יעקב   Ya[A]KoaBH (Jacob),  2)   יוסף YOA$aiF (Joseph), and 3)  יפתYaFeT (the real Proto-Indo-European and possible source of Jupiter):  1) Giacobbo, 2) Giuseppe and   3) Geppetto.  

Also, see most J entries , like GHERKIN.  More Greek versions of Yod at  EON and  FENWAY. 

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