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By Isaac Mozeson



Farsi/Persian from Edenic, part 2 of 2 

damage   naksán <  M132
  נזק  NeZeQ injury, damage  (Ezra 4:13)

Deity  allah B Arabic  <  Aleph-Lamed, as in דניאל DANIEL, divine power
    [ALL] [FA]

difference  farq   <     פרק  PeReQ, crossroads, joint, (area of divergence)     [FORK]

dig  hafr  <   חפר [K]HoaFeR, to dig  [GOPHER]

dog  sagהשיג  HeeSeeYG, to overtake, reach, obtain, fetch  [SHAG]

east  sharq B Arabic   < מזרח MiZRahK[H], east, direction of the rising
   (זרח ZaRahKh)  sun  [RISE]

elderly mosenn  < ישן  YaSHahN, old  [SENILE]

electrity  برق barq  < ברק   BaRaQ, a bolt, flash of lightening [FLICKER]

father   baba   <   אב ,  אבא AhV, ABAh, father, daddy    [ABBOT]

finished  tamām  <   תמם TaMahM, finished  [TIME]

five  panj  <  M231  חפן  K[H]aPHahN, handful  [PUGNACIOUS]

fort  baru  < בירה BeeYRaH (capital city, castle, fort) [BOROUGH]

full  -- see absolute

funny (person) shukh <  S-F  צחק    TSa[K]HeQ, laugh, make mirth

good  faydeß     S-B     טובDTOABH (good)  [GOOD]

head  sar <  ß ראש  ROaSH, head  [SIRE]

heart  ghalb<     לב  LaiBH, heart  [LOVE]

man  <  אני  ANeeY, I (1st person pronoun)  [I]

into   be < ‘ בB’  (Genesis 1:1, 1st letter)

 kiss  boose; busidan, to kiss  <   ß   שפה SaPHaH, lip    [BUSS]

 lion  shir <   S-Lשחל  SHaK[H]aL (lion  --  Hosea 5:14)  [SLUG]

loose   shol  <  ß של  SHahL! Loose! [LOOSE, SLACK] –
   see “Weak” below

like  --   ee Similar

memory  yād  <  יד YahD, memorial, monument (II Samuel 18:18;
    יד ושם is in Isaiah 56:5)   [JET]

minute  daqiqe  B Arabic  daqiqa <  דקה  DaQaH, minute < דק DahQ,
   precise, thin,   minute (adj.) [TACTICITIAN]

monkey   maimon <  מנה  MaNaH, to count, done with the hand
    (mana in Spanish, where monkey is mono…as this animal
     has a human-like hand.  [MONEY]

mother  dar (“dar” like “ther” in English is the suffix for family members
   like father  and brother)  <  ß  אם  EM, mother [MAMA]

name   esm  < S-F  שם SHaiM, name ]SAME[

pig     chook  <   S-G  חוג  [K]HOOG, circle  [HOG]

reward   kabat  <  עקב    [E]yQeBH,  result, reward   [CAVEAT[

river  rood  <    ירד YaRaD,  descend, as Jordan named for flowing
    down [KE]

seven-day period  sanbe  < N 1. שבוע SHaBHOO[A]h, week (7 days), which
    is why Sunday is yekshanbe, same forall weekdays ; 2.   שבת  SHaBahT, Sabbath   [SABBATICAL]

shar  bad  <  ß            רשע RaSHa[A],  wicked, evil [WRONG]

shower   doosh  <  ß אשד  ESHeD, falling water   [DOUCE]

similar to, like   mesl-e < משל MaSHahL, parable, resemblance

Sunday – “see seven day period”

to, up to  tā. <  ß  S-D  עד  [A]hD, up to  [TO]

too, also – see “ham”

treasure (Old Persian) ganza < גנז  GaNaZ is to hide and secure,
  גנז GayNeZ  are storage chests (Ezekiel 27:24), and the
  word came to mean a king’s  treasury (Esther  3:9).    [MAGAZINE]

way  rah <  Dalet/D dropped from דרך DeReKH, way

we     <   ß S-N  אנו ANOO, we (subj. 3rd per. pro.).  [NOSTRATIC] 

weak  shol  <  של SHahL! Loose! [LOOSE, SLACK]     see “Loose” above

west  qarb  < מערב M’GHaRaBH, west…the direction of ערב evening

wick  fetile   <    פתיל  PTL/P(S)L/F(S)L, twisted cord, thread  [FUSE]

word  donyā  <  M231   S-N אדמה  ADaMaH, earth, land  [MUNDANE]

you  tu   אתה ATaH, you   [THEE] 

yeast  khamir <  חמר K[H]eyMahR, to ferment, boil  [CALM]

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