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By Isaac Mozeson

Its... Purim,... so... MEET... THE .. .פ-ר....PEY-RESH... FAMILY



You may have read about the turnarounds, and complexities of the Purim story and symbolism. The linguistic root of Prim is also noteworthy, and full of unexpected turns.

Purim פורים   is from פור     POOR, a lot (as in lottery, a pebble cast like dice… a fragment of stone or rock).

To fully know this word, come meet the whole family: 

פר     ub-root of fragments, fragmentation, breaking off from a whole:

אפר   AyPHeR, ash (burnt fragments); הפר    HaPHeR, to break an agreement;  חפר   K[HaPHeR, to dig out (break a surface); כפר   KaPHaR to deny (disassociate); כפר  KaPHaR to forgive (to let go of guilt); ספר $aPeR, to count individual numbers/letters; עפר [A]PHahR,  tiny particles of dust;

פרד PaRahD  to separate, divide, divorce, התפרד  to be separated, scattered; פרז   PaRahZ, to separate ;  פרט PaRaDT, something particular (stray, fallen produce, individual strings of a guitar…  small change);  פרך     PaRaKH, broken;     פרכת  PaRoaKHeT, a curtain or space divider… the later פרגוד, curtain, is also a space-breaker;  פרם  PaRahM, to tear or undo garments or fabric; 

פרס   PaRa$, sever, cleave  (thus the root of a cloven hoof or a slice of bread);   פרע  PaR[A]h, to break, cut, dismiss, absolve;  פרץ PaRahTS  scatter abroad  or  demolish… פרוץ PaROOTS, broken;  פרק to break away from, remove, thus to redeem from servitude or a divergent FORK in the road…  פרוק taking apart;  פרר  PaRahR, to break into pieces, thus פרור  crumb, fragment... פור   POOR, a lot (as in lottery, a pebble cast like dice… a fragment of stone or rock) ;  פרש   PaRaSH , to distinguish, make distinct, thus  פרוש  is  abstinent or parsed as an explained text;

צפר TSaPHahR, to twitter (short, broken and staccato chirps, as opposed to longer, connected music composition); the שופר SHOAPHahR, ram’s horn, has similar broken notes, but is distinguished, singled out, as bright,clear, loud and superior.

פר sub-root of the opposite, the home unit expanding:   כפר KaPHaR, to smear, tar over a surface (thus joining and bonding the material); ספר $ayPHeR, book (grouped numbers as a sum, מספר , or letters  and words as a larger statement)

פרא   PaRAh, fruitful; פרד   PaRaD, to expand, spread out (as wings); פרה  PaRaH, fertile, and cow (the quintessential domestic animal whose fertility provides milk, meat and plow-power) פרג הפריג  to sprout, פרח  to bud, blossom (also a bud or blossom), break out, spread, become airborne (as disease), fly;  פרש   PaRaSH also means straddling, spreading out.  צפר TSaPHahR, to wind round (thus joining separate items). תפר TaPHaR is to sew together.

There is also a related  פר sub-root of  openness, open too much :  פראwild; פרז    unfortified, undisciplined;  פרע PeR[A]h, disorderly, unrestrained
Edenic displays unparalleled Divine Design.  If you are a Western-trained bible critic, Hebraicist or linguist, and the paradox of similar opposites feels like a contradiction to you.  Give up. Take up knitting.  

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