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By Isaac Mozeson



DORM         RaDahM           Resh-Dalet-Mem   
ROD-UM_________רדם__________[RDM à  DRM]
ROOTS: Dormire is to sleep in Latin; DORMANT is French as well as English; dorm is to doze in Scottish. More below.

 The American Heritage Dictionary may well have found an Old English word drēam (joy, music), and Old Saxon drōm (mirth, dream).  But this etymology is misleading, and, like all Eurocentric etymologies, only serves more recent usage.

As demonstrated by the global data, DREAM is historically a 'sleep'  word … only perchance  to dream
 (have a mind movie).

רדם RaDahM is to sleep (Jonah 1:5); just flip the #1 and #2, root letters or effect an M213 metathesis.  The non-corrupted, pre-Babel root , RDM, breaks down into the following sub-roots that follow the AB +BC = ABC formula:
1)ר- ד  Resh-Dalet/RD and 2) ד-ם  Dalet-Mem/DM.   See RD (going down) at ROOT, and DM (silence) at DUMB.  

 Edenic RDM (sleep)  thus means, רד דממה   RaiD DiMaMaH or 'going down into silence.

 ' Once the authentic Edenic roots are scrambled, it is easy to see why 'design' concepts like sub-roots, and word meanings independent of mere semantics (usage) are foreign concepts to Darwinist, Western linguists. 

To those with minds able to be unconfounded, entries like this are a dream. But to those tenured to last century's errors, Edenics is a nightmare.
BRANCHES: A DORM or DORMITORY room is where college students often lie DORMANT, but seldom sleep.
 Adam was (EN)TRAN(CED) before he met Eve, as God anesthetized him with a  תרדמה (Ta)RDaiMaH ('deep sleep' -
Genesis 2:21).    DOORMOUSE, DORMY, DREAM, DROWSE and TRANCE  are all related.
 חלום [K]HaLOAM (dream – Genesis 20:3) may have influenced HALLUCIN(ATION), which is otherwise considered a cognate of 'illusion.'   A Hungarian dream is an alom. The Sumerian counterpart offered  by Dr. Alfred Toth is alam.  

חלום [K]HaLOAM is a nasal shift from  חלון  [K]HaLOAN (a window … as into the soul or subconscious), and an M213  metathesis fromלחם   LeK[H]eM (bread, food… physical, not psychological sustenance… the opposite of a dream).
[Rabbi Shlomo Riskin].

DREAM  is Traum in German and  droom  in Dutch.  [RW]  To nap in Serbian is dremati. [Prof. Zeljko Stanojevic]
Edenic sleep is most popular in Slavic: Polish drzemka (slumber), Russian дремать dremat', Slovak zdriemnotie, Ukranian drimota.
                                                                                                        Sweet dreams from Jerusalem
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