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By Isaac Mozeson

Holiday Huggies


Purim is the time of masking and unmasking.

The Jews of Persia (later Iran or Aryan) wore masks of assimilation.

Only Haman's lottery-chosen holocaust unmasked the wannabes, and put the fear of the hidden Lord back into their hearts.

If drunk, one might even thank the Hamans and Hitlers for saving Jewry and creating Israel.

Purim is a lesser חג  HahG (holiday), but an important one. It is masked by frivolity.

Why is חג  HahG (holiday) like חוג  HOOG (circle)?  Because the dates of the holidays are not chosen by lots, or a roll of dice. They annually return full circle, and embrace one like a Huggie.

We are all born in our birthday suits, masked only by diapers.

In the Jerusalem Rami Levy supermarket there is a tiny synagogue for employees and shoppers.
In Israel, the hidden Creator can even be found in a converted supply room between aisles of
Huggies and Pampers.

If history is a crapshoot to you, you probably need a change 
of diaper.


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