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By Isaac Mozeson



We have been doing numbers on Facebook and Twitter.  Now on יום חמשי , the 5th day, we should have a larger handful of FIVE words fit for a Posterous post.   חמש  K[H]aMaySH, five, has been the Hebrew Bible’s 5-word since day 5.  It sure looks like the Edenic 5 got nowhere, outside, of course, some Semitic languages.  Maybe French cinq (5) reverses חמש  K[H]aMaySH (with shifts of soft-C from Shin, and N-from-Mem).    But Edenics theory does not hold that the world’s words are variations of the Hebrew word in your dictionary.  As seen below, the most popular “five” words are Edenic hand words.  Not the dictionary’s hand, יד YahD, which did give Japanese Old Japanese its 5.


 But especially hand-measurement words.  Naturally.  No child of Adam needs to borrow a word for “five,” and no children of Eve lack Edenic “hand” words in their brains.  Well beyond the natural diversity that professors know about, there was first much unnatural “confounding” in those brains since Genesis 11.

 A guttural-nasal-fricative designed synonym of  חמש  K[H]aMaySH (5) is קמץ QaMahTS (a handful or fistful).  Tsadi /TS doubles as a dental.  Now you can see/hear  CENT, COMPUTER, COUNT, HAND, MITTEN and QUANTITY.

A guttural-bilabial-nasal word for a “handful” is חפן K[H]oaPHaN.  Play the right anagrams and you’ll see/hear German nf

(source of FIVE) or PUNCH (the fisticuffs blow, and the drink of 5 ingredients).  טפח  DTeFa[K]H  is a handbreadth (see Dakota below). מלא MahLAy (full) is not a “hand” word. But it may be reversed to LM for the Austronesian 5, as it means a full hand… all 5 fingers.


We can’t present all 6000 of the Earth’s dialects of Edenic, so we’ll focus on most of the reconstructed “proto” roots collected by  Proto-Indo-European reconstructions, for example,  includes countries from Ireland to Iran. Edenic color-coding will help you follow which Edenic source-word is being shifted and scrambled.

Here’s the Edenic menorah of 7 letters/sounds:

1)  bilabial or lip-made 2)  guttural or throat-made  3) dental or tooth-made 4)  liquid or tongue-made  5) nasal or nose-made

6) fricative or whistling sibilants 7) vowels are important to ignore


Check if the “five” word you have in mind is in the E-Word Digital Dictionary; relevant entries include  COUNT,“FIN,” MITT,PUGNACIOUS, “QUANTITY” 

five_chart.doc Download this file

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