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By Isaac Mozeson

Raus! ... Raus!... Verdammen ... Cookies


'Raus!  Raus! Germanische Deutsch, ' I shouted at my Langenscheit dictionary,
' I know you're hiding!'

In my delirium from overwork, I was pointing an Uzi submachine-gun at the bunker within a false wall that was exposed by my German shepherd (who ate kosher for Passover franks this time of year, the key festival right before Holocaust Remembrance Day.)

To my amazement, a whole family of hidden German words emerged with their hands up, resigned to be resettled and concentrated in our upcoming ebook of 1400 German words traced to Edenic (the Pre-Hebrew best documented in Biblical Hebrew).

I recognized the family from The Origin of Speeches, where there were 50+ English words in a bilabial-nasal Sound Grid to mark the many English derivatives of the  פ-נ   Pey-Noon “POINTERS.” 

They can't all fit into this post, but see the E-Word Digital Dictionary to check the etymons or cognates of these words.

BAN [1]       BEN [2]          BIN [3]      BON [4]    BUN  [5]
FAN [6]        FEN [7]         FIN [8]       FON [9]     FUN  [10]
PAN [11]      PEN [12]      PIN [13]     PON [14]   PUN  [15]
VAN [16]     VEN [17]     VIN [18]      VON [19] VUN  [20]
WAN [21]     WEN [22]     WIN [23] WON [24] WUN [25]

To briefly parade these  bilabial-nasal (lip and nose-made) words, here is the critical discovery in German that led to the larger hidden family:

Bahn   course, path, trajectory (of bullet), orbit, railway line; Autobahn    Highway <  S-B  פנה PaNaH, to point or turn to a particular direction          [POINT] 

see the bilabial-nasal פ-נ family at:

 bahnen  clear a path, prepare the way, pioneer <   S-B  1.  פנה PeeNaH, to remove, empty,  to clear the way for later use ; 2. לפני L’PH’NaY, before [PIONEER, POINT]

 innen  within  <   S-B  פנים PiNeeM, interior, inside; פנימה PiNeeYMaH,    within   [BIN, POINT]

bundig  to the point, terse  <  S-B  פנה PaNaH, to point or turn to a particular direction    [POINT] 

 Panik   panic, stampeding in all directions (as panic grass points or PANS to  all directions)  B <  פנה PaNaH, to point or turn to a particular direction      [PANIC, POINT] 

 Pendel  pendulum; pendeln   to swing, oscillate <  S-B  פנה PaNaH,
        to point or turn to a particular  direction   [POINT]

 Pfanne  pan; pfannekuchen    pancake  <  פנים PaNeeYM, a  PANE, PANEL or    flat outer surface [PANE, POINT]

 Pionier PIONEER

 Pünktlich  pünktlich   punctual, pointing to a particular Pünkt or point   in time <  S-G  פנה PaNaH, to point or turn to a particular direction         [POINT, PUNCTUAL]

-- delete cookies, and have a Happy Passover

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