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By Isaac Mozeson

ALGONQUIAN from a Swadesh list -- Part I


Swadesh lists, now continued by his students, define the same couple hundred basic words in many languages... allowing one to compare 'unrelated' vocabularies. This first Edenic hunt with Algonquian formalizes the completion of our ebook on  German-from-Edenic (1000 entries),  and  follows Edenicist Fernando Aedo to the New World.

Part I, from the Swadesh list for Algonquian languages

1. Ojibwe (Chippewa, Anishinaabemowin) — northern United States and eastern Canada
2. Lenape (Unami, Delaware) — Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, United States
3. Mohawk — New York, United States; Ontario and Québec, Canada; Iroquoian language
4. Nottoway (Cherunhakah) — Eastern Virginia; Iroquoian language
  [ Cherokee moved to Cherokee-Edenic list]
Key to romanized Hebrew Aleph-Bet:
Vowels in lower case. Root letters in Upper Case with [brackets] around unpronounced letters or non-historic ones in the derivative language.  5 Hebrew letters have end-forms.

Aleph א = A or any Upper Case VOWEL, Betב  = B, Bhet = BH or (V), Gimel  ג= G, Dalet = ד D, Hey  ה= H, Vav  ו= V, OO or OA, Zayinז  = Z,
Het   ח= [K]H or K[H], Tetט  = DT, Yod  י= Y, Kahf כ,ך K, Khaf = KH, Lamed  ל= L, Memמ,ם  = M, Noon,  נ = N, Samekh  ס= $, Ayin  ע= bracketed UPPER CASE [VOWEL] or GH, Peyפ,ף  = P, Phey = PH or F,  Zaddi  צ,ץ= TS (always read ST in European), Koof  ק= Q,
Raish  ר= R or WR, Shin  ש= SH, Sin = S, Tahf   ת= T, TH, or (S)

Symbol Key:

<   =  is “ultimately from the Edenic word ___.”
The [bracketed] word at end of an entry indicates an English cognate, and what to look up for more info in the E-Word Digital Dictionary.  (Available in download, CD, and soon in a print-on-demand paper format of minimal 3 volumes.)  The bracketed word, CAPITALIZED, indicates an entry name to see. Entries provide Biblical citations and/or Semitic cognates as further source words, relevant roots and cognates from other languages.

S = letter shifts: [all vowels are interchangeable, no shifts needed]
S-B = bilabial shift [interchangeable lip letters: B, F,P,PH, V, W],
S-F = fricative shift,[interchangeable whistling letters: Soft C,S,SH,TS,Z]  
S-G = guttural shift [interchangeable throat letters: Hard C,G,K,Q]
S-D = dental shift [interchangeable tooth letters: D, T, TS]
S-L = liquid shift [interchangeable tongue letters: L,R]
S-N = nasal shift  [interchangeable nose letters: M,N]

N = nasalization (extra M or N inserted in the root).
M = metathesis (root letters switch places). Example: M132 means that merk (to mark) takes the 1st, 3rd, then 2nd root consonant (no vowels) of נכר, to recognize (shift from Noon/N to M) and מכיר  MaKeeYR (acquaintance)
ß = reverse the (root letters of) the Edenic source word
B = a borrowing from another language. Only the more obvious borrowings are noted.

An unbolded part of the Algonquian word is treated as unrelated to the Edenic root. The unbolded part of the Edenic source word is not relevant to the match.

Entry Key:
1. Algonquian word    2.meaning    3. required shift (if any) 4. ultimate Edenic source___5.meaning of the Edenic word in English  6.  [  ]= the E-Word Digital Dictionary entry to find cognates, Biblical citations, etc.  

Aanakod S-G    ענן   GHaNAN, cloud  [YEN]
kùmhòkw, S-N     ענן   GHaNAN, cloud [YEN]

-- see Sky
awan  עב [A]hBH,thickness, opaqueness of a cloud [FOG]
aon  ענן [A]NAN, cloud  [YEN]

M213 S-G  S-F
S-G שחק SHaK[H]aK

M312 שחקים
SHiK[H]aK-iM,  sky heavens --
Dt. 33:26
karònya M213 רקיע 
RaQeeY[A]h, firmament, expanse of sky [RACK]
kwaker-  untika ß
S-G רקיע RaQeeYGHA, firmament, sky expanse [RACK]

okyehr ß
ROO'aK[H], wind (R-K smoke in much
ishkode   ßאש אש  AiSH, fire [ASH]
+ קדח    (see Burn)

otewr S-B    בער  Ba[E]R, to burn [BURN]
to burn
zakide קדח   QaDa[K]H , burn [CAUTERIZE]
lusi  ß S-Lשרף  SaRaF , to burn   [SULPHER]

bikwadinaa ß   נד NaiD, heap[DUNE]
kitahtëne S-D ß   נד NaiD, heap [DUNE]

Misko M213 Aramaic  

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