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By Isaac Mozeson

Birds lost and found


A Mourning Dove made a nest in my bedroom window in Jerusalem.
Two eggs followed. But, sadly, the mother bird lacked zitsfleisch, and ran off to Twitter with friends.
I sent out bulletins with a description, but racists often said 'they all look alike to me.'

Follow up to the case of the mother dove who flew the coop 2 days ago:

(Sigh,) I  put the nest with 2 eggs on a tree in a nearby park.
Yes, sunny side up.
Either a bird will adopt them, or a raven or cat will have breakfast to-go.

They could not remain in my bedroom as mere window dressing.

But I was glad to hear a report from an Edenicist in NM  that a missing parrot was found. 
A parrot is shorthand for a bird-brain acadummy that swallows regurgitated, unproven nonsense about Evolution...
only because his tweedy/tweety professor said so.

Oh, yes, this  an Edenics post:

The authorities think DOVE, the bird, was named for its dark color.  White doves would not make peace with that.
Edenic D-V s include   דוהDOAVeH (sad) ,  הדיב  HeyDeeYBH(to cause anguish)  [דוב], and דאבה   D'ABHaH (sorrow).

The DV sorrow sounds recalls a mourning dove  – see “DOVE.”  
Vietnamese dau means pain.
The other bird named for a mourning-like cry is the OWL, from  אבל A(V)eL, to mourn.

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