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By Isaac Mozeson



throat-made and tongue-made letters:

גחול  GaK[H]oaL is a burning coal, or CHARCOAL – see COAL.  
חרה K[H]aRaH (to burn)  is at CHAR.  
כור    KOOR (smelting furnace) andכירה    KeeYRaH (stove, hearth) – see HEARTH.   . 
קלה   QaLaH (to roast) and. קלי  QaLeeY (roast) are found at ALKALI.
For guttural-liquid antonyms there is the whole family of  COOL   קר QaR words of coldness – see CRYOGENICS. 

  Frost bite and freezing also burns
  גרון  GUTTURALS  לשון  LIQUIDS 

2013  E-Word Digital Dict. (1200 pgs of data); The Origin of Speeches( Edenics theory) :
Previous musical slideshow: German-from-Edenic. 1000 + links to the Semitic Proto-Earth language.:   2nd ed. of THE ORIGIN OF SPEECHES  lightcatcherbooks   Archived posts; Edenics searches, web games, short posts from Twiiter::  Following isaac mozeson on Facebook presents an interactive forum.
Edenics DVDs. Edenic (Biblical Hebrew) as the original, pre-Babel human language program, see our many resources at incl. videos in English, Spn., Fr. or Ger. youtube: v=glWG3coAtEg

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