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By Isaac Mozeson




Adam and Eve chose to listen to the animal, 
and so were given an animal’s life
(of work and mortality).


To prove that the Hebrew Bible is not rattled by the snake,  the נחש  NaK[H]aSH (snake)

 later bests Pharaoh’s sorcerers,  and heals stricken people.


Snake magic is all about the creature’s neurology.  The snake’s punishment for trying to be top hominid is to
be demoted below mammals, to the lowest of reptiles... to be all tail.  His curse includes no more walking
(large anacondas have vestigial legs), no more chewing and tasting (mere “eating dust”) and
no hearing and SEEING -- they can only hunt with their unique heat sensors. This is why נחש  NaK[H]eSH
means to guess, divine, to ascertain by sorcery.  This blind, heat-seeking creature can be hypnotized into
 ecoming as stiff as a rope or a staff.

Snake handling is long associated with magic, from snake charmers in Bombay to medicine men among the
American Indians.  American medicine men with M.D.'s show the sign of the snake on a pole because of
Numbers 21:9.  The healing 'brass serpent' is admired by copperheads everywhere.  נחשת Ni[K]HoSH(eT),
or brass, is nossoe in Korean.


Taking up serpents is one of the five signs of believers saved from damnation at the end of the Greek gospel
of Mark.  Whether one sees the SNAKE as a healing figure or as a Satanic one,  these unique creatures have
 taken a   נשיכה  NiS(H)eeYKHaH (bite) out of Man's consciousness.     To take a bite of something in Czech
 is uKouSNout < ß    נשך NaSHaKH (bite). Read the snake word from tail to head.

Is נשך NaSHaKH (bite) and  נחש NaK[H]aSH (snake) a blind coincidence,

or another musical word pair in the language of  Eden?

(from the long and winding SNAKE entry in the E-Word Digital Dictionary, now only digital and available by download at or CD via Lightcatcher Books. Color-coding and Hebrew fonts pose problems for book and eBook publishers.  When a critical mass of inquiries is reached, a 3-4 volume print-on-demand paper edition of The Edenics Dictionary of the Human Language will appear.)

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