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By Isaac Mozeson



Color Me Edenics ( Letter MA-MI ) 11/25/13
Everything you need to know about Edenics
You learned in kindergarten. Coloring. The Music of Meaning.
Then the linguists re-taught you that everything was complex and chaotic.
I finished coloring Letter M for the 2014 E-Word.
I was taught to share, and play nicely with others.
So I share some of the less simple headings in Letter M (MA-MI).
RED is lip-made letters; BROWN is throat-made; BLUE is made with the tooth-ridge; Pink is tongue-made; GREEN is nose-made; ORANGE is whistling. (Vowels don't count; they too were made-up by
anal retentive Western scholars who think language is about exact pronunciation.)
)MA(CRAME    RoQaiM     Resh-Koof-Mem
row-CAME           רקם       [RQM à MKR]
MAKE       QOOM        Koof-Vav-Mem
KOOM              קום        [KM à MK]
MALE      [E]LeM      Ayin-Lamed-Mem
ELL-em             עלם         [LM à  ML]
MALLET       HeLeM        Hey-Lamed-Mem
HELL-em _______הלם_______[HLMà ML]
MAMA      EeMAh     Aleph-Mem-Aleph
EE-ma ________אמה_______[AMà MA]
MARK          MooKaR            Mem-Kahf-Resh
MARK(ET)      MaKHahR      Mem-Khaf-Resh 
Mah-KHURR       מכר     [M-KH-R à  M-R-K]
MARRY     N[A]hRaH    Noon-Ayin-Resh-Hey   
Na-a-RAH               נערה              [NR à MR]
MASTABAH     MaTSayBHaH   Mem-Tsadi-Bhet-Hey
Ma-tsay-VAH             מצבה             [M-TS-B à MSTB]
MAT(HEMATICS)   MaD[A]h    Mem-Dalet-Ayin
MUD-ah                      מדע              __ [MD à MT]
 MAT(INEE)        NaTSaTS            Noon-Tsadi-Tsadi
NUTS-tsuts                  נצץ         _____ [N-TS à MT]
ME            AhNeeY             Aleph-Noon-Yod
ah-NEE_________אני_______[ANY à MY]
MEAD      MeeYTS     Mem-Yod-Tsadi
MEATS          מיץ           [M-TS à MD]
MEET      MoW[E]D      Mem-Vav-Ayin-Dalet
MO-AI(D)T       מועד      [MOED  à  MOET]
MEGALO(MANIAC)   GaMaL    Gimel-Mem-Lamed
Ga-MULL                  גמל                         [GMLà MGL]
MERCY         RaK[H]eM          Resh-Het-Mem
Rah-KHEM             רחם            [RKM à MRK]
MESS (food)   MaZOAN   Mem-Zayin-Vav-Noon
Mah-ZONE                 מזון                [MZN à MS]
METE(R)        MeeDaH         Mem-Dalet-Hey
MEEDT-AH            מדה          [MD à MT]
MEZZA(NINE)     EMTS[A]h     Aleph-Mem-Tsadi-Ayin
 EM-tsah                  אמצע                [(E)M-TS-A à MZA]
MIDGE(T)    GaMaD      Gimel-Mem-Dalet
Gah-MUD          גמד       [GMD à  MDG]
MIGHT          M'OaD          Mem-Aleph-Dalet
MIH-O(D)TE_____מאד_____[MOD à  MOT]
MI(N)D    MaD[A]h    Mem- Dalet-Ayin
Mud-AH            מדע             [MD à MT]
 MISS             MOOSH           Mem-Vav-Shin
MOOS(H)______מוש_______[M-SH à MS]
MIX          Me$eKH          Mem-Samekh-Khaf
MESS-EKH      מסך     [M-S-KH à M-KH-S]
2013  E-Word Digital Dict. (1200 pgs of data); The Origin of Speeches( Edenics theory) :
Previous musical slideshow: German-from-Edenic. 1000 + links to the Semitic Proto-Earth language.:   2nd ed. of THE ORIGIN OF SPEECHES  lightcatcherbooks   Archived posts; Edenics searches, web games, short posts from Twiiter::  Following isaac mozeson on Facebook presents an interactive forum.
Edenics DVDs. Edenic (Biblical Hebrew) as the original, pre-Babel human language program, see our many resources at incl. videos in English, Spn., Fr. or Ger. youtube: v=glWG3coAtEg

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