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By Isaac Mozeson

Edenics Medical Alert: LIVER ENLARGEMENT


The 'HEPATITIS' entry was greatly enlarged due to additions by Fernando Aedo, etc.:

HEPAT(ITIS)       KaBHaiD         Kahf-Bhet-Dalet
Kah-VADE                 כבד                  [KBD à HFT] 
ROOTS:  HEPAT-, HEPATIC and HEPATO- words are from Greek hepato, liver and Old Greek hḗpatos, liver. The weird  IE 'root' is yekwr liver, based on  'liver' words like Persian jigar  and Sanskrit yakrt.  Obviously there is no way HPT  links up with YKWR.  The lightweights with doctorates could find no guttural-bilabial-dental 'liver'  roots, since they are limited by a mythic, racist notion of an Indo-European past (which has no historical basis).
The Bible offers כבד KaBHaiD, liver, in Leviticus 3:4.   כבד KaBHaiD  means  weighty, in Psalms 38:5; the adverb, 'heavily,' is in Exodus 14:25.             
  The dense, heavy organ, the liver, is kabattu in Akkadian.     [Al Ansley]  More Semitic 'liver' words include ጉበት gut (Amharic), كبد kabidun  (Arabic), كبدة kibd, kibda, (Egyptian Arabic), kabd (Ge'ez) and kbd  (Ugaritic). [FA]

BRANCHES:   Fernando Aedo finds many 'liver' words beyond Semitic:
Amerindian: (In 9 cases below, the Daled/D shifted to a fricative)
kipchan, liver (Quechua/AND)
k'iwcha, liver (Quechua/AND) 
k'aphu, liver (Aymara/AND)
k'iwcha, liver (Aymara/AND)
hipa, liver (Andean: Yamana/AND)
gopnachi, liver (Piro Yine/EQU) N
opita, liver (Equatorial: Tupi: Mekens/EQU)
ipasa, liver (Equatorial: Tupi: Yuracare/EQU)
ipete, liver (Equatorial: Zamuco: Ediboso/EQU)
akáp, liver (Achuar Shiwiar/EQU) (Aguaruna/EQU)
juvatu, jvatu, liver (Yagua/MCR)
əbbítə, liver (Chibcha: Kogui/CHB)
káawiʔ, liver (Chibcha: Chimila/CHB)
i-psa, liver (Chibcha: Rama/CHB)
ahapa, liver (Barbacoa: Cha'palaachi/PAZ)
basu, liver (Paezan: Capaya/PAZ) human liver.
je'betuti, liver (Tucano: Yurutí/MTC)
jeʔ'be tu, liver (Tucano: Wanano/MTC)
apiša, liver (Keresiouan: Hidatsa/KRS)
o:psi, liver (Hokan: Atsugewi/HKN)
hipasa, liver (Hokan: Mohave/HKN)
thap, liver (Dakota/KRS)  ß
tapí, ruminant's liver (Assiniboine/KRS)  ß
tifuk, liver (Eskimo Iñupiaq)  ß
kibindi, liver (Bantu: Manda) N
chibindi, liver (Bantu: Ngoni) N
hapa, liver (Bantu: Emakhua)
ubhitiku, liver (Bantu: Kivinza)  M 231
bindi, liver (Isizulu) N
figado, liver (Portuguese) M213
higado, liver (Spanish) M213 Spanish h is f in Portuguese.
kepenys, liver (Lithuanian)
There is also Italian fegato  M 231 and Romanian  ficat  M 231. Not Indo-European, there is  Georgian ღვიძლის ghvidzlis  and perhaps Thai   ตับ tab ß .  There was certainly no reason to invent a drunken, diseased IE 'root' --  unless...
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