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By Isaac Mozeson



Pa'ikwene (Amazon)
Yes, I am one with you
אחד EE[K]HaiD,
to unite
Pangan (Malaysia)   Lêyok
Yes, I can.
יכול YaKHoaL, able  -- M312
Polish               Tak
Yes, I nod my head
קדה, QaDaH, bowß S-D
Yes, it is true
אמת EMe(S), trueß
Potawatomi (US) [okay]
Yes, I like it
אהב  AHah(V), love, like – S-B
Prakrit (India)     Amam
Yes, I believe it
  אמןAMeN, believe
Proto-Polynesian  fiti
Yes, it is all right
טוב DTOABH ß
Punjabi (India)    Han ji
Yes, it is firm
כן    KaiN  S-G
Romanian  (Latinate)  Da
Yes, I know it.
דע D[A], know!
Russian  da
Yes, I know it
 דע D[A], know!
Sanskrit (ancient India) Ava
אהב  AHah(V), love, like
Scottish Gaelic   Aidh
Yes, I testify so;
Yes, I know it
עד [A]iD, witness;
דע D[A], know! ß
Serbian      Da
Yes, I know it
 דע D[A], know!
Shikaviyam (California, US)
Yes, it is firm
כן    KaiN  S-G
Shimasiwa (Comoros)
Yes, I like it
אהב  AHah(V), love, like  S-B
Shina (India, Central Asia)  
אהב  AHah(V), love, like   S-B
Shipibo (Peru)    Jenjén
Yes, it is firm
כן    KaiN  S-G
Spanish, Ital., etc.  si
Yes it
היות  HeYOA(S),as
יש   YeSH, have ß
Sundanese  (Indonesia)    
Yes, it is pleasing
נעים Na'GHeeYM, pleasing  M 312
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