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By Isaac Mozeson



Exodus 34:6

'HaShem, HaShem'… Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey, the divine name mistaken for 'Jehova,'  is interchangeable with Aleph-Hey-Bhet-Hey,  אהבה AHa(V)aH, love. (Rabbi Shlomo Riskin).   So  'God is Love' and 'All You  Need is Love' was not invented by Paul of Tarsus or Paul McCartney.
Yes, but history also demonstrates a Lord of Justice and Law, Aleph-Lamed-Hey-Yod-Mem or ELoa(K)eeYM…a God of Tough Love.  Things are not so simple in a non-cult, which is more nuanced than a pop song hook.
 But, importantly, after the sin of the Golden Calf (the shining promise of youth, the Gospel promise of eternality for mere belief -- with no behavioral consequences) the enquiring Moses is first given the Divine Name  Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey. Twice.  This is the Eternal who loves his creations both before and after they err.  Moses (humanity) gets a chance to make a second set of stone tablets – like the first, broken ones, but this time he must do the work.
In 'Justice Mode,' there is surely work to be done.  In Exodus 34:7 it seems that a few lifetimes are involved.  Even in 'Love Mode' there is action, not mere emotion.  In the Edenics dictionary, E-Word, the core root, the heart of  אהבה AHa(V)aH, love, is הב Ha(V), giving.  
We give back to the Giver, but also to lovers and friends.  If Saint Paul were married, he might decline to take out the garbage, or to give flowers on his anniversary. 'C'mon Baby, that action stuff is so Old Testament.  You know I love you.'

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