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By Isaac Mozeson



EDENICS is the gift that keeps on giving.  First, Fernando Aedo posted a trilingual posterous post beginning with this graphic and a photo of a MaTaNyahu seal unearthed near the Western Wall. Then, Regina Werling added much, so I post the upgraded DONATE entry below:

We need Hebrew grammarians (like Rabbi Y. Steinberg)  to better phrase the Tahf-Noon/Tahf-Tahf (T-N, T-T) affair that confused the tracing of 'gift' words. Relevant donations of missing 'gift' words are appreciated from all. You'll never see the usual 'DONATE NOW' button with us, but Edenics does want your donations of expertise and time... to prove that language was a GIFT.

DON[ATE]      TaiN     Tahf-Noon      
TAIN______תן    _______[TNàDN]
ROOTS: DONATE, from Latin dono (to give), recalls the dental-nasal imperative תן     TaiN (give! - Genesis 14:21). Latin donum is a gift or DONATION.  The IE 'root' of DONOR, DONATION and DONATIVE is the stingy dō (to give).

It is easy to confuse the ת-נ  Tet-Noon verb of giving with one of one or two dentals, since in Genesis 17:2 Abram is 'given' ( נתן NTN) a covenant, but 'I have given' is  נתת - NTT just six verses later.  Hebrew cannot have a form NaTaNTeeY (I have given), so, after the neorolinguistic diversity of Edenic at Shinar, the world has both dental-nasal and just dental 'giving' roots.
Edenic    אתנן   ETNaN (Deuteronomy 23:19) and   מתן  MahTahN (Genesis 34:12) are gifts with this same dental-nasal root.  In Modern Hebrew, a gift or DONATION is a    מתנה MahTahNaH.

BRANCHES:  To give in French is donner.  The Greek is δίνουν  dinoun; Hindi dena; Hungarian adni; (reverse to) Kannada nidi. [RW]   Polish dany means given, and danina is tribute. In Modern Greek dhino is to give.  Hebrew מתנה  MaTaNaH is a gift. NATHANIEL  is from the Biblical name נתנאל NiTaNEL (Lord-given).  A Mayan gift is a matanal. Japanese endan is a marriage proposal, and in post-Biblical Hebrew  נדן NaDaN is a marriage dowry.  It is an amount given, Noon-Tahf-Noon, even if in Ezekiel 16:33 the amount is offered for a prostitute. Spanish don and Portuguese dom are gifts; they also have dental-nasal verbs of gift-giving. [RW]
Our D-N donation words, like Irish dan, gift, are a simple dental shift from our ת-נ Tahf-Noon sub-root, but they also help reveal the reverse of the nasal-dental sub-root of  נדב NaDa(V), to give a gift, volunteer -- see ENDOW.

More giving at DATA and ENDOW, where one sees more logical sources for several alleged 'cognates' of DONATE.  A few D-N  and N-D 'cognates' of the AHD do make sense: CONDONE, PARDON, RENDER, RENT (see below), SURRENDER and VEND.  An ultra-orthodox veneration of recent, made-up spellings made the scholars add ADD as a cognate. A decifit can be added, so 'add' is not about giving.  See ADD, and the double-dental 'giving words from תת TaiT at DATA.

Adding to the poor Semitic-starved historical linguist's confusion is yet another Edenic verb of giving with a dental: תרם TaRahM, to give an ritual offering (Exodus 29:28). But תרומה T'ROOMaH means a non-religious present in Proverbs 29:4.  The Temple is long gone, but Israeli synagogues are getting  תרומות T'ROOMOAT (donations) today.  EDK is partially wrong once again by saying that PBH   DOAROAN (gift, present) is from Greek doron and an IE 'root' which also is a dental-shift and nasal-shift from  תרם TaRahM (to give an offering, gift). Here is the dental-R for 'giving' words like Czech dar and Italian dare, which were also donated to this entry by Regina Werling [RW].  English words (above) like RENDER and RENT, therefore, may be M231 metatheses of תרם TaRahM, plus a nasal shift from Mem/M to N.  SURRENDER also had the Tahf/T shift dentals to D.

This was a complex entry, but at least we discovered that Temple-goers were paying RENT.

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