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By Isaac Mozeson

Edenics C O U P L E S Counseling


This post bends over backwards to give you a better, fuller view of the ideal COUPLE.

COUPLE      KaPHaL       Kahf-Phey-Lamed
COUGH-ull________כפל____ ___[K-P(H)-L]
ROOTS: The IE “root” of COUPLE is ap (to take, reach). COUPLE (from Latin copula) is seen as a cognate of CABLE (see CABLE) and COPULATE.

 כפלים  KiPHLaYiM   means twice as much; כפיל KaPHeeYL is double or 'spit and image';   מכפלה MaKHPeyLaH in Genesis 23:9 is the two-story burial cave of the ancestral COUPLES;  כפל  KePHeL is a FOLD or multiplication;  כפל KayPHeL means double.
   חבור   K[H]eeBooR and then כפל KaPHaL make a compatible twosome in Exodus 26:9 - '
. . .you shalt couple... and you shalt double over...'

Besides guttural-bilabial first  sub-root of כפל KaPHaL, seen in חבל     K[H]aBahL, to wind or bind together
(Zechariah 11:7) and  חבר     K[H]ABHeR , to unite, string together -- see ALGEBRA --  there is a second, bilabial-liquid family of two-ness or duality.  See Het-Phey below.

The family of Pey-Lamed P-L duality includes:  פלג  PeeLaiG, to divide; פלג  PeLeG, a stream or faction (see ARCHIPELAGO) ;     פלוח   PeeLooa[K]H, splitting;  פלח PaLa[K]H, to split, till, a cleavage (see FLAKE) ;  פליל PaLeeYL, to judge between two sides, (see PLEA)  and   פלס PeeLai$, to balance two sides (see BALANCE).   Related Bet-Lamed 'twoness' at BALL. The Proto-Earth researchers, led by Merritt Ruhlen, establish P-L as then world's 'two' word.

BRANCHES: Fernando Aedo helps identify the guttural-bilabial, first sub-root of כפל KaPHaL with (the reversed) Mayan (Mexico) pac, to fold (Tojo dialect) and paq, fold (Teco dialect.)  He links these to an important cousin of  כפל KaPHahL, to fold over:    חפן K[H]aPHahN,  to be bent, palm of hand (which folds) -- see CUFF and GIBBON.

Add to the above the similar guttural-bilabial-liquid   גבלGeBHeL (to plait, to fold two strains into braids  -Exodus 26:9) and note that IE “root” plek (to plait) is an anagram or M312 metathesis of Kahf-Pey-Lamed/ KPL. The more common words traced to plek include: APPLY, COMPLEX, COMPLICATE, DEPLOY, DIS­PLAY, DUPLEX, FLAX, DUPLICATE, GENUFLECT, INFLEC­TION, MULTIPLY, PERPLEX, PLEXUS, PLIANT,  PLY, QUINTUPLE, REPLICA(TE), SUPPLE, and SUPPLICATE.

FLEX has no IE “root,” as old-time etymology lacks the FLEXIBILITY to fold over the similar letters of words with similar meanings. INFLEXIBLE is from Latin flexus. The body’s most important FLEXORS allow us to bend our legs. In Igbo (Nigeria)  the knee is okpere. This is only a liquid shift from כפל KaPHaL,  to fold.   The Maya Indian word u-ka-pul (for the second time) and the Hawaiian word palua (couple) are two more guttural-bilabial-liquid COUPLINGS in the great chain of human languages.

The IE “root” pel (to fold) brings us FOLD as well as DECUPLE, DIPLOID and other -PLOID words, MANIFOLD and other -FOLD words, MULTIPLE, OCTUPLE, QUADRUPLE, SEPTUPLE, SEXTUPLE, and TRIPLE.        Indo-European COUPLINGS include: Breton coubla, Danish koble, Dutch koppelen,  French accoupler, plier (to fold), German koppeln, Italian and Latin copulare, Provencal accoubla and Swedish kopple.  German also has Bugel and Bug,  a  fold, crease, angular edge  <  M213    S-B  S-G  כפל    Polish terms like falda (fold, pleat, crease) are welcomed into the fold because they point back to the literal folding over of the Hebrew etymon. Pelu is to fold, bend, hem or tuck in Hawaiian and Proto-Polynesian. Kupola is to roll, wrap up or curl up in Hawai­ian.  See CABLE.

PAIR words share the P + liquid of כפל K-PH-L. Finnish pari is a couple or pair.  More PAIRS at BALL.
In Chinese the Lamed/L  has been  dropped, but the sense of 'twoness' remains.   劈  is split in two; divide [Simon Paff] , while  pi X502 is 'secondary' and a separated couple.  For just the bilabial, as in English BI- (2), see BOTH.

PLY is joined together, whether glued as PLYWOOD or layered as paper.  Latin plicare, to fold, and plectere, entwine, are cited, and the IE 'root'  plek (to plait) is credited for 'plex' words like COMPLEX, COMPLICATE and PERPLEX, as well as APPLY, DEPLOY, EMPLOY, EXPLICATE, EXPLICITE, PLAIT, PLEAT, PLIANT,  PLIGHT, REPLICATE, REPLY and SPLAY.

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