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By Isaac Mozeson



 STORM            ZeReM              Zayin-Resh-Mem
Zeh-REM                זרם            [ZRM à ST-R-M]
ROOTS:  To STORM can infer a disturbance of rain or snow, or a violent rush of STORMY emotion.

 There is no known source older than identical Old English. The alleged Indo-Euopean 'root' of   STORM is a verb of turning and whirring – twer-1.  To see what the scholars could not untwist, see words like TURBO and TURBINE at DISTURB.

1)  זרםZeReM is a storm, flood, violent shower (Isaiah 4:6). For the flood sense, see STREAM at SERUM.  זרים  ZaReeYM came to mean STREAMLINED and   הזריםHeeZ'ReeYM, poured, flooded streamed, speaks to the wet torrents of  storm.

2)  But STORM has  'dry' meanings that are more about violence and speed, like STORMING out of a meeting in angry protest, (see the German below).  מרוץMayROATS is a fast running  (Ecclesiastes 9:11), see the ר-ץ  Resh-Tsade of (running) RACE  at ROTATE.  Read left-to-right, מרוץMayROATS is STORM.
BRANCHES:  1) ז   Zayin/Z to ST is an extreme fricative shift, but it can be seen at entries like  SERUM (with STREAM),  STREW and STRIKE.

2) Even the German noun and verb of STORM/STORMING,Sturm and stürmen,  is about rushing wind and violent rage – not downpouring of precipitation.  When a STORMTROOPER has to quickly march in Sturmschritt (double-time step), this is about rushing speed, not squirtguns and water balloons. 
STURM UND DRANG,  passionate German Romanticism, or any turmoil, became an English term.
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