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By Isaac Mozeson

J U X T A P O S E for a moment


JUXT(APOSE)   YaK[H]aD      Yod-Het-Dalet
JUKH-U(D)T__   __יחד_____[Y-KH-D à JKT]
ROOTS: Latin iuxta means 'together;' Latin juxta is 'near' or 'beside.' The attempted  IE 'root' yeug (to join) links JUXTAPOSE to YOKE.

יחד  YaK[H]ahD is to unite (Genesis 49:6) or to be together (Genesis 22:8).   יחד  YaK[H]aD is together.
'How good and pleasant it is that brothers dwell together -- Psalms 133:1.

חד    [K]HAD is 'one' in Aramaic;    אחד      E[K]HaD is the Hebrew counterpart.
The  ד-ח  Het-Dalet sub-root here echoes the    ד-ג Gimel-Dalet one in TOGETHER,  at  GATHER.

If one sees Het-Dalet  חד K[H]ahD  as the core of יחד  YaK[H]aD, together,  then combine  א-  Aleph-  as negative prefix with  חד K[H]ahD  to see אחד   EK[H]aD (one) as meaning:  not together, isolate.  See EACH for the built-in opposite of JUXTAPOSITION. More fully, יחיד YaKH]eeYD (only, solitary) is a Yod-Het-Dalet opposite of יחד   YaK[H]aD (together).
BRANCHES: יחוד YeeK[H]OOD means 'union with God' - akin to YOGA, an official cognate of JUXTAPOSITION.  A YOGI is one who practices this yogah (Sanskrit for union) of body and mind.

  Other cognates include ADJOINING, ADJUST, CONJOIN, CONJUGAL, CONJUGATE, CONJUNCTION, ENJOIN, INJUNCTION, JOIN, JOINT  (see JOINT), JOUST, JUGULAR, JUGUM, JUNCTION, JU(N)CTURE, JUNTA, YOKE, ZEUGMA, ZYGOTE, -ZYGOUS. For these ZG terms see ZYGOTE.  Preferring the Het-Dalet of יחד    YaK[H]aD, the Welsh suffix meaning 'together' is –cyd.

Back to YKT, ikut is to join in Indonesian. In Cantonese, yihkdov is 'also, too, as well;' yatchai is together; yhta or yhden is 'one' in Finnish.   In Mandarin Chinese  'unite' is  tongyi  <   ß  N.  S-G  S-D     יחד YaK[H]ahD, together, unified.  

'Together' in Finnish is yhdesse; in Hungarian it's egyutt (an M231 metathesis transposed the vowel and guttural).  Also in Hungarian are: egydulallo (single), egyedulallo (alone)  and    egyetert (agree).

  The biggest guttural-dental reversal of Edenic togetherness is seen in the place name TEXAS. Texias is the name of the huge confederacy of fifty American tribes in the region, beginning with tribes of the Necho-Angelina Valley and extending all the way south to the Rio Grande River. 'Texias' is loosely translated 'friends,' but the meaning is more specifically 'allies' or joined 'confederates.'

In Spanish the nasalized junta is joint,  juntar is to connect; and junto means together. A JUNTA is a ruling coalition of strongmen. Non-nasalized mergings with guttural-dental include Polish GODY (mating time);  zGODA or uGODA is 'agreement' (S-G).

'Identify with'  is tong X649(98) in Chinese. ß N.  S-G  S-D    יחד  YaKHahD.  Other Chinese words above mean 'unity' and 'together.'  They are all from a reversed, nasalized and shifted   ח-ד   Het-Daletwith thesame theme of  'being one with.'  These further prove  that Yitro in Exodus 18:9 wasn't 'delighted,' but was identifying with, was in sync with, in sympathy with Israel.
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