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By Isaac Mozeson



CATA(COMB)     QaDaH        Koof-Dalet-Hey
Tah-KHATתחת                                       [KT[
ROOTS:  CATACOMB ,  underground cemetery or passageway,  is  from Greek kata, down, under.   There is a fictional “Indo-European root” kat (down). The historic root goes deeper than Hittite kata (under).
“Down, under, below” in Edenic (Pre-Hebrew)  is    תחת  TaK[H]aT (Genesis 1:7).  See  DACHSHUND and  SOUTH.  One may choose between reversing the first, T-K syllable, or using the second, K-T, syllable.
An Edenic word with  K-D sound and sense is  קדד   QaDahD to bow down  (Genesis 23:7).  See DUCK.  Latin  cadere (to fall) is relevant,  see the CADENCE entry.
A third Edenic EMeTology involves the feline CAT.  An official cognate of CATACOMB is Latin catulus, a young dog or other young (small) animal. The common housecat is a small or undersized larger cat. The domestic cat is below the size of even a lynx. “Under” and “below” appear to have taken on quantitative meanings, unrelated to “beneath.” And, soon, our little leopard was simply known as a CAT. CAT has no known origin. Small and young in Edenic is קטן  QaTaN – see KITTEN.

BRANCHES: The  CATA- words include: CATABOLIC, CATACLYSM, CATALOGUE, CATALYST, CATAPULT, CATARACT, CATATROPHE, CATHODE and CATHOLIC. At CATHOLIC the dictionary reveals a second meaning for Greek kata- : completely. This recalls אחת AK[H]aT (one, as in all one and the same), and the third official meaning of תחת   TaK[H]aT  in Ben-Yehuda: “in place of, instead of, in return for.”  This is the correct, financially compensatory meaning of the phrase mistranslated an “eye for an eye” by scholars raised on prejudice.

Note: Looking for someone who'd make an eBook of our 1300 Greek-from-Edenic entries. Authorship and earnings.

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