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By Isaac Mozeson

new H I R SU T E entry, and global examples of M231 metathesis


 HIRS(UTE)     Sah[E]eYR     Sin-Ayin-Yod-Resh
Sah-EAR             שעיר              [S-GH-R à HRS]
ROOTS:   HIRSUTE (hairy) is from Latin hirsūtus, hairy, bristly. There is no IE 'root' that could be reconstructed for HIRSUTISM (abnormally hairy growth).
שעיר Sah[E]eYR or SaGHeeYR, spelled שער  Sah[E]eR or SaGHeeR in Genesis 27:11 means 'hairy.'  Pulling together hairy, sacred goats (see SEROW), the land of Seir, and a hairy twin brother is the Bible's Esau.
The H of HIRSUTE (hairy) also is from  ע /Ayin (more at SEROW). By itself ע-ר  Ayin-Resh can render the H-R needed for HAIR, or a guttural-R, but an HRS Edenic etymon would be best for the roots of Latin hairiness.  HAIR has no IE 'root.'  It has dropped an R from an HRS root that is unlikely to have cognates.  HIRSUTE comes from an M231 metathesis of שער Sa(G)HeeR hairy). Examples of M231 below.
But can שער  S-GH-R speak to the 'bristle' definition of the Latin? Harkavy defines שער  as to 'bristle' to fear in Deuteronomy 32:17, and the shuddering in fear (Job 18:20) and loathing (Jeremiah 29:17). One again, Edenic is the natural, 'body'  language as fear and loathing makes us bristle, makes our hair stand up like a scared cat.  שער  S-GH-R is a fine source for SCARE.
(More at SCARE.)
BRANCHES:  'Hairy' in  French is hirsute; Italian is irsuto; Portuguese and Spanish is hirsuto/ French 'bristly' is heirisse. Most IE 'hair' words have dropped the S H (from Ayin).  See SEROW.
 שער Say[A]R or SayGHaR (hair – Genesis 25:25) loses an  ע Ayin in Hungarian szo'r (hair).   Pulling the threadof Sin-Ayin-Resh might lead to English HAIR.  There is no IE 'root,'  and no earlier source for HAIR than Middle English heer, so the Ayin-to-H shift might have come from Semitic, like the Arabic shaar (hair) version of the Edenic above. The initial S would have been trimmed. Ayin is already GH, so  becoming an H is hardly a 'shift.'  That Ayin-to-H change is seen in borrowings as when the Ayin of              עברי  [I]BHReeY (Hebrew) is rendered as the H of Hebrew.  Lithuanian šerŷs means 'bristle.'
More possible SR 'hair' words at CABLE, CHAETA and  'FUSE.'
M231 is the least common metathesis or Word scramble from the Tower of Babel.  Examples of M231 metathesis, where the native Word is taking the 2nd, 3rd then 1st root consonant of the Edenic etymon:
Key:  lip letters, throat letters, tooth-ridge letters, tongue letters,nose letters, whistling letters [entry in E-Word Digital Dictionary –
Afrikaans wereld (world, as English WORLD] <  M231 S-B  תבל  Te[V]eL, world  [WORLD]
Arabic mausim (time, season). < M231 זמן Z'MahN (a period of time) [MONSOON]
 Araona (Amazon)  EIZACANA, animals, bugs that bite < M231 S-F NaSHaKH  נשך , to bite
Czech kvinna,  woman; kvinnelig, female (Norweg.) <  M231נקבה    NiQai(V)aH,  female
Farsi (Iran) assembly   halkah  <  M231 קהל QaHaL, assembly, company, congregation [ELECT]
Finnish Vasikka  calf  <  M231  כבש KeBHeS, the young of sheep [OVIS]  
French vanilla (vanilla) < M231  לבן  La(V)aN, white  [VANILLA]
German  richtig   (proper, just,  right , correct)  <  M231 דרך     DeReKH, way  [RIGHT, DIRECTION]
Greek (Modern)  Krassi (wine) < M231 שכר  SHayKHaR (alcoholic, intoxicating drink)  [SAKI]
Hungarian föld (world) is  an M231 ofתבל  TeBHeL (world) [WORLD].
Irish Recht, law  < M231  דרך DeReKH, the way to go [RIGHT]
Italian  Dorso (back)  < M231  שדרא SHeeDRAh, spine   [DORSAL]
Latin victima (animal sacrifice, whence VICTIM). < M231 טבח DTe[V]aK[H], slaughter [KITCHEN] is back up. for searching 2/3 of the word base
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