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By Isaac Mozeson

REAL C H A N G E, and a SECOND term (but this post is not about Obama)


שנוי SHeeNOOY is a change or difference;   שניות SHNeeYOOT is dualism or duality.   The opposite of oneness, and the essence of difference, duality or otherness is captured in the number two,   שנים SHNaYiM,   and שני   SHeNeeY (second).

 This ש-נ  Shin-Noon root for the CHANGE of a second object ,  an object that is different or שונה SHOANeH from the first, should appear in words for number two.
In the extended Algonquian family of northern Amerindian these letters dominate, but, of course, they are reversed to N-SH:

Abenaki: Niz;  Lenape: Niša;  Maliseet: Nis; Munsee: Níisha; Cree: Nîso;  Illinois-Miami: Niishwi (similar in Kickapoo, Sauk  and Shawnee); Naskapi : Niisu; Ojibwe: Niizh and Potawatomi: Nish. 

שני   SHeNeeY (second), is also like the repeating action of שנים SHeeNaYiM  (teeth)  and the sharp, repeating drilling or teaching of   שנן  SHeeNaiN.
The ability for  ש-נ Shin-Noon to mean both alike and not-alike is typical of the paradoxical complexity engineered into this unique Edenic vocabulary with built-in,
sound-alike antonyms. Never mind being beyond simians, this language is beyond the capacity of  homo sapiens.

The opposite of the  ש-נ  S|H)-N root of two-ness above involves separation; like the IE “root” sen or seni (apart, separate), and French sans (without).

Sabbath SoLeMnity

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