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By Isaac Mozeson

An Edenic Stopover in Samoa


SAMOAN (Polynesia/ Austronesian; Fj = Fijian, Hw = Hawaiian, Sm = Samoan)

fa’aitiiti  (Sm),   decrease, reduce  פחות PaK[H]oaT   [PAUCITY]

fasi mea (Sm), a bit or piece < פסה Pee$aH, piece, bit, slice   [PIECE]

fua (Sm) , egg <  <-- span=''>   עוף [O]WF  [AVIATE]

iva2 (Sm) , sleepy < עיף  [A]Yef, tired [IOWA]

m (Sm( ,  and <   <-- span=''> עם   [E]eM, with, close to [BOBBY PIN]

mai (Fj, Hw, Sm),  from <  מיMay, from [MAMA]

mate I (Sm)  to die (plants, animals), and tamate is to kill  <  מת     MaiT, dead,
       המית HaMeeYT, to kill       [CHECKMATE]

mimiti (Sm),  thin < <-- span=''> S-N  צנום TSaNOOM  [THIN

mole 1 (Sm),  smooth; molemole (Sm) = worn down < מלל MaLahL, to rub, wither,
       fade     [MILL

moni (Sm), true < אמונה AMOONaH, true, believed [AMENABLE

moto 1 (Sm), fist   <  קמץ QaMaTS (handful …hand)  [MITT]

pefu (Sm), dust … doubling the bilabial, since they have no liquids (L,R) < <-- span=''> עפר  [ A]yFeR (dust)   [FRIABLE]

penina  (Sm), pearl  < פנינה PiNeeYNaH, pearl  [PENETRATE]

ta’aga (Sm), herd of animals   <-- span=''>  S-D     יחד YaK[H]ahD, together,
      unified  [JUXTAPOSE]

tala (Sm),  thorn   < דרדר  DaRDaR, thorn  [DART]

tamailima, finger,  is like 'little hand.' 'Small' is tama'i .  The TM 'small' element, like TOM
   Thumb and TINY, is from קטן QaDTaN, little. For the 'hand' element, ilima, is a reversed
   מלא MaLAy (full).  5 fingers and you're playing with a full hand.  [SMALL]

tau (Sm), season <   <-- span=''>    עת [A]iT, a time, a season [ETERNAL]

toe (Sm), again <   <-- span=''>  S-D  עוד [O]aWD, in addition  [ADD]

uliuli  (Sm),  black < לילה  LaYLaH, night [LILAC]
    see eliel , loaloa

vevela (Sm) heat < S-B S-L   בער  Bo[A]iR, burning [BURN]

 vulu (Sm), fiber,  thread   <  חבל [K]He(V)eL, string [BALE]

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