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By Isaac Mozeson




  A DOOR is a portal which swings open and closed on hinges.
 The Amer. Heritage Dictionary’s Indo-European  “root”, dhwer (door, doorway), treats DOOR figuratively.
 It therefore counts as extended cognates those words that mean out-of-doors, like FOREIGN and FOREST.  The sound and sense of Semiticly-challenged etymology can be unhinging.
 Old English dor, Greek thura and Persian dar do mean a real  door… a panel that swings open or closed.
 Edenic  דור Dalet-Vav-Resh  DOOR is defined by Harkavy as “to turn, to circle”… with extensions meaning a circle or ball (  כדור KaDOOR – Isaiah 29:3), and a circle of time or a generation (דור  DOAR – Psalms 77:9).  You may see our  Dalet-Vav-Resh  here as “rim of a wheel” at TIRE.  We turn our etymology open wider with the other dentals and R.  תור TOAR is a circlet or turn;  תור TOAR is a plait or circlet in Songs 1:10;  עטרה [A]DTaRaH is a (circular) crown (Songs 3:11); עטר  [A]DTaR is to surround - see TIARA.  For straight dental-liquid related opposites , like DTOOR, a row or tier  – see TIER.

  דלת  DeLeT  (door) does begin with a dental-liquid, but it refers to a DELTOID, triangular tent flap – see DELTA. A river DELTA is about portals, but a DOOR, etymologically, is about swinging on hinges, not DOORWAYS. דלת  DeLeT  is used metaphorically, like the “doors”of a womb in Job 41:6.  The literal, דור Dalet-Vav-Resh  DOOR is best seen in a different דלת  DeLeT  verse: “a door turneth upon its hinges” – Proverbs 26:14. The word for “hinge” is another dental-R, ציר     TSeeYR. The word also means to revolve.      

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