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By Isaac Mozeson

ACHTUNG ! Now H E E D this.



הטה      HeeDTaH is a bending or inclination, considered the hiphil of נטה    NaDTah.

In Psalms 144:5 it means “bend,” but it is often about “bending an ear” or listening.

As in Jeremiah 7:24.  Hey-Tet, thus, may be behind HEED, to listen to.

 HEEDING a warning is not simply audible, in the brain, but as typically expressed in the Mother Tongue, it is a physical, visible act of inclining one's ear to hear.

HEED is currently linked to German huten (to guard, protect) and to unrelated words that merely sound similar: like 'hat' and  “hood.”  See HEAD.  The American Heritage Dict.'s sloppy Indo-European ROOT for HEED is kādh (to shelter, cover). 

The scholars need to hear words like  itey,  listen, from the Chumash/Hokan tribe of California, or the Chinese,  nasalized reversal of Hey-Tet: 听 tīng, listen, hear.

Perhaps the authorities would pay attention if there were Het-Tet 'listen' words closer to English?    German acht, is a reversed and hardened form of הטה  HeeDTaH, listening, literally bending an ear or inclining.  Too many people heard the scream Achtung! (Attention!)  German achten means 'regard,' and achtlos means heedless.


'Hearing' in Irish is similar: éisteacht,

Easier forms of  ה-ט   Het-Tet include  words for 'hear' like Croatian and Serbian чути  čuti,  Tamil கேட்க kēka and Ukrainian чути chuty (listen).

Similar to the newly unblocked Edenic source of HEED,  'Listening' is about listing, leaning or inclining toward a sound.

Now Regina (German), Kees (Dutch) and Mats (Swedish) have to contend with another new German-Edenic link, as if our 1300 weren't enough. 

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