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By Isaac Mozeson

time to learn some Chumash (Native American) Part I of II



CHUMASH: Hokan speaking tribe native to S. California)


ap  house  <  ß  S-B   בית  BaYiT,  house … a T away from the Siouwan

     piti  and the other teepees or tipis of Amerind.   [BOOTH]

aqawan   dry  <   M231  S-G  S-B  נגב NaGaha(V), to dry;

   Negev,  the arid south of Israel [SACK (dry)].

ayamama   ant   < S-N   נמלה NiMaLaH, ant [CAMEL]

   away  moon, month <ß  (W-from-Resh shift -- see WORM )

    ירח YaRaya[K]H, moon;    ירח  year[K]H,  month, season

    -- like a reversed Cantonese ywe (moon)  [YEAR]

c'iw  paw   <  S-B  כף  KahF, palm of hand. 

   (Kapua'i is the sole of the foot  or an animal's paw in Hawaiian.)  [CUFF]

cweq   grass  <   M231 S-F, S-G,  S-B  עשב GHeSe(V), grass.

     (The name   WISCONSIN is said to mean “grassy place” in Chippewa.)


elew  descend   < ß   S-B  נפל NoaFaiL, decline  [FALL]

eneq   woman  <  נקבה NiQai(V)aH, female  [NOOK]

epshuc   grey <  ß   S-B כסף Ke$ePH, silver [FISCAL]

eqwel   to do, make  < M213 S-G  S-B פעל  PaGHaL, to do,

   make, act     [FACULTY]

ha   article for nouns not in the lead phrase <   הHa,

   article of known noun

ini, ni   negative element with verbs  <   ß  אין AiN  [No]

itey  listen   <  הטה HeehDTaH, he inclined (ear), bent ear to,

    listened. Infinitive נטה, NaDTaH, to incline     [NET]

kila  horizontal  <    ß  S-L ארך OReKH, length [REACH]

Kn'shahp   snake  > M213   נחשNaK[H]aSH  [SNAKE

Kopkop  toad   <  S-B קפץ   QaPHaiTS, jump, hop  [KIBITZ]

ktut  spider   <   חוטK[H]OODT, thread [ACCOUTERMENTS

kup   jump     <  S-B קפץ   QaPHaiTS, jump,hop  [KIBITZ]

li   to, towards   < ß  אל EL,ל   L' , to, towards, at  [TO]

me   emphatic particle in commands   <   נאNAh,

   used in Biblical requests, strengthening urgency [NOW]

mi   the place where  <  מן  MeeN, from, which is

   sometimes just letter  מ    Mem, M', from [MINUS]

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