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By Isaac Mozeson



 The Chumash tribe of Hokan speakers of Amerind lived
 in what became Malibu and Santa Barbara

 me   emphatic particle in commands   <   נאNAh, used in Biblical
        requests, strengthening urgency [NOW]
mi   the place where  < ‘מ Mee, from [MINUS]
milmol   mountain  <  רם RahM, lofty; רמה  RaMaH, heights,
         highlands  [RUM]
nokok   spine   < ß כן  KaiN, upright;  קנה QaNeH, reed [CANE]
oto'in   sleep   <  S-to-T,  שנה SHaiNaH, sleep   [INSOMNIA]
pakas, paket  umber # 1 <  אחת AK[H]aT or A[K]Ha(S), no. 1 fem.
pil  dig   < S-L חפר [K]HoaPHeR, to dig  [GOPHER
po'n   tree, wood   <  ß  נופא NOAPHAh, bough, tree branch [FAN
pu  hand  <  ß   S-G  כף  KahF, palm of hand [CUFF]
qenein   shoulder (joint for arm) <  קנה  QaNeH, branch  [CANE]
sa  tooth   <  S-F שן  SHaiN, tooth  [TINE[
se  bone  < עצם   [E]TSeM, bone  [OSTEOMA[
shahq  turtle  < ß    S-F   כסהKeeY$aH, covered  [ENCASE[
shepshe  lip   <   S-F  S-B  שפה SaPHaH, lip [BUSS[
sipuk  elbow  < M231 כתף Ka(S)aiPH, shoulder (arm joint) [CUSP[
six  firmly, tightly  < ß   אחז  AK[H]aZ, grasp  [HAS[
smomox   snow  <  S-F S-N  S-G  צנה TSeeNaH, cold of snow [SNOW[
tap  inside   < ß  S-B בית  BaYiT,  house  [BOOTH[
taxama  kunk  <   צחו TSaK[H]aN, to stink  [SKUNK[
tu  ear  <  ß   הט HahDT, bend ear to  [HEED
telhe (Obispeño dialect)  tall  < תלל TaLaL, heaped up high  [TALL[
ush   out   <   ß   חוץ [K]HOOTS, out  [EXIT    
wenemu   sleeping place  < נום   NOOM, slumber  [NUMB[
wuluwul  lobster  <  עקרב [A]Q'Rah(V), scorpion…crustacean  [CRAB[
xanaxin   jaw  <  טחן DTaK[H]aN, to grind  [CHIN]
yila   all < S-G   כל KahL, all  [ALL[

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