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By Isaac Mozeson



STEPHANOTIS is a climbing plant from a Greek word for a wreath.

  Many words from this Greek “wreath” or “crown” word are confused with a crown, rather than the spinning and twisting of a wreath or climbing plant.
 Greek stephein means “to tie around” (Amer. Heritage Dict.).  The Greek ST-PH-N word had been spun round at Shinar/Sumer/”Babel” from Edenic Tsadi-Noon-Phey, צנף  TS-N-PH, “to wrap or wind around.“ 

In Edenics this spinning of root consonants is called an M32 metathesis. The first Edenic letter, Tsadi, stayed TS (which is always ST in Indo-European).

  In Leviticus 16:4  a turban is wrapped or wound around the heads of the priests. Older translations favored “mitre,” and Harkavy has צניף   TS’NeeYPH meaning “tiara” or “diadem.”  There’s the bogus “crown” again.  But people named STEFAN, STEPHAN, STEPHANIE. STEPHEN  or STEVEN could be proud, even without a crown.

 For the head to be hidden,  צפון TSaPHooN (Exodus 2:2), in a צניף   TS’NeeYPH (turban)  is a distinction (for non-Europeans).  You did catch that  ynonym-by-M132  metathesis, right ?

The צף Tsadi-Pey
two-letter root, fitting a head-piece, is at “TOP.

To better wrap your head around these ideas, see E-Word entries like STEPHANE and SPIN.
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