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By Isaac Mozeson



TELE(VISION)   (Hee)DTeeYL   Tet-Yod-Lamed
ROOTS: The TELE- prefix in TELEGRAPH, TELEPHONE (see“PHONE”), TELESCOPE (see SCOPE) and TELEVISION is said to come from Greek tele (far off, at a distance). The given Indo-European (I)E “root” is k(w)el (far). Tele is not linked to an IE “root” like tela (to lift, support, weigh) because the original sense of being thrown to a distance or cast from afar was lost.

The 'lift' sense of the alleged IE “root” is in נטל NaDTaL (to raise Isaiah 63.-9). Also see ATLAS.הטיל   HeeDTeeYL is to throw  -- Saul “cast” his spear in I Samuel 20:33. See  “TILT” below. The infinitive is   טול DTOOL (to move forward). TELEVISION is a video signal that is thrown or TELECAST from afar, not a 'far-off vision' or anything lifted.   טלטול DTeeLDTaiL is to move back and forth (Isaiah 22:17);   טיול DTeeYOOL is a far walk or hike.

 טילDTeeYL is now used to mean a projectile, rocket or long-distance missile, just as Latin telum isadart. Even closer to TV, a מטול  MaDTOAL is the modern TL word for a movie projector.

BRANCHES:  EDKtranslates  טלטל DTiLDTaiL as “cast, throw, hurl.”   To thrust or throw a lance is to TILT, as with jousting knights in combat or sport.  The Tet-Lamed root unhorses the given etymology.  In fact,The Amer. Heritage Dict. only treats TILT 2, an awning, which they say is cognate to TILLER (twig, branch) at the make-believe Indo-European 'root' del- 3 (to split, carve, cut).

TILT is about movement, while we now often use TILTING to mean slanting, sloping, and favoring one side.  For an Edenic TL root of one side gaining the upper hand – see TALL.

טרי   DTiRaY (to throw in Aramaic) may be the source for dental-liquid words like DART and THROW.   DART    has no IE “root.”  The AHD writes that DART has an archaic meaning of “to throw or cast (a dart or missile). “  They don’t even try to hit the bullseye.  They simply say that the Middle English is from “Old French, of Germanic origin.”   See DART.

 The etymology of THROW is similarly THROWN under the bus, or swept under the rug.  The 9th definition of THROW involves twisting fibers; this allows the AHD to make THROW a cognate of “turn” at the IE “root” terƏ -1
(to rub, turn; with some derivatives referring to twisting, boring, drilling and piercing…)

  מטלטלת  M’DTooLDTeLeT is a pendulum. Along with   נטיל NaDTeeYL (laden, burdened), these Hebrew words closely match the 'support, weigh' sense of IE “root” tela as well. The cognates listed here include TELAMON (from Greek telamon, bearer), again why TELE- words relate here. 

Close to the Greek, Tal is far in Latvian.  TELE-  words  have spread afar with technology.
Speaking of far, I soon fly from Jerusalem to Toronto for the winter.  Backwards snow bird.
So posting may be up in the air for several days. 

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